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30" Simple Elegance Window Box Cage

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Cage: 31" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)

Sometimes you want something basic, but not boring. The Simple Elegance window flower boxes are the best of both. Its clean lines and simple appearance gives it a modern edge, while the metal construction speaks of a more traditional feel. The black finish is able to blend effortlessly with virtually any landscaping or gardening theme, while also being in keeping with the elegant flow of the piece. Combine with liners in a variety of shades, or use your favorite terra cotta pots. Any other appropriately sized flower pots will also do, so you can easily add a pop of color, or keep things subdued with white or black planters that keep your flowers as the focus.

Each of our window cage planters is made from wrought iron that has been forged to form a solid piece that stands up against sizable plants and less than ideal weather conditions. Additionally, the finish has been powder coated, which means it's baked into the cages rather than simply being painted over the top. This cuts down on peeling, chipping, fading, and other damage to the finish. Additionally, rust is also kept to a minimum, helping to maintain the structural integrity of the item. After years of use, rust will eventually form (as it will on all metal use outside), but can be removed with a little bit of sand paper and a light coat of spray paint.

Pair your new window cage with one of our customizeable PVC liners for added benefit. Our liners are easy to remove, and often pre-drilled with drainage holes to allow rain water to escape, thus keeping plants healthier by preventing mold growth and rot. Cages are easy to install and come with a mounting system built-in, so installation is quicker and easier than you probably imagine. Additional mounting options are also possible with specialized brackets for railings and other less conventional locations. Have a specific place in mind? Contact our customer service specialists to determine which mounting options are right for you.

Cage: 31" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)

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