30" Del Mar Heights Window Box

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Old world appeal never goes out of style, and that has never been more apparent than with this Del Mar Heights Copper Window Box. Intricate scrolls and curls are featured throughout the frame, lending it an elaborate feel that instantly highlights and enhances whatever location. This frame is a basic black color theme set in front of a raw copper liner which lends a beautiful contrast. The liner will age gracefully and naturally over time, taking on a green-blue patina for an antique or rustic vibe. If you wish to prevent this, liners

Copper Benefits Gardens Naturally:
The tapered copper liners promote root health by influencing the soil's pH level and deters slugs and snails naturally. Discreet corner drainage allows excessive water to escape for proper aeration. The shape also encourages a strong root system. Having a liner in place also makes things a bit more convenient, since it can be easily removed for replanting at the end of the season, adding faux flowers for holiday arrangements, or taking flowers indoors when a surprise bout of cold weather strikes. It also makes initial planting easier, because you can install the cage, but keep the liner separated until your soil and seedlings are firmly in place. Then, lift them into the planter when you're done.

These iron and copper window boxes are highly durable and ready to withstand most any weather conditions. For instance, they're made from wrought iron, which is a material long known to be sturdy and dependable. In addition, it features a powder coated finish that resists rusting and fading, since the color is baked into the metal. This also prevents peeling and chipping, even when the planter takes a beating! These cages are easy to install and feature an integrated installation system that is already in place. Just find the appropriate hardware (available here) and you're good to go.

More Information
Length 30"
Width 8.5"
Material Wrought Iron
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Real Copper
Sizes 30"
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