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30" Lattice Window Box Cage

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Cage: 31" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)

Simple but highly sophisticated, these iron window boxes are detailed enough to bode well for even the most elaborate of dwellings, but they're also simple to work equally well for less formal settings. Window boxes are an ideal way to grow flowers, greenery, and edibles even if you don't have a lot of yard space, while they also add curb appeal to your home without your having to do a ton of work or a huge remodel. Their larger size is big enough to accommodate any window, but without being too overwhelming. However, additional sizes are also available, so you can easily accommodate virtually any setting you choose.
Our metal window boxes are power coated for weather resistance, so they stand up against rust, corrosion, and fading with ease to maintain an attractive look year after year. Even when used in locations with frequently inclement weather or harsh direct sun, you won't be disappointed in their performance.
Choose from a variety of liners to go with your new window box for added convenience. They're provided right here at Hooks and Lattice, and come in a range of finish and material options, as well as in a range of attractive colors to beautify your home.

Cage: 31" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)

Click Here for Metal Window Box Installation Instructions
Please Note: We sell mounting bolts for our Iron window boxes, our Aluminum Window boxes and our Hayrack Trough Window Baskets separately. They can also be found on the right side of each product page or on our "Window Box Brackets & Bolts" web page. The reason we don't automatically supply bolts and hardware is due to the many different types of walls and siding used throughout the U.S. Your bolt requirements will vary based on the type of wall or siding your home or office has. Mounting brackets that offer both structural support and add decorative detail are available but also sold separately.

For Iron Cages, Aluminum Cages and Hayrack Trough Window Baskets, we recommend (and sell separately) 1/4" diameter x 3" long lag bolts (and of course lag shields for brick, masonry or block).

The window boxes are mounted by securing the lag bolts directly through the 1/4" holes that are pre-drilled in the back of the iron cage work.We urge you to consult your local hardware store, handyman or licensed contractor for more specific direction if required.