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35"Round Self Water Planter Inserts - Fits in 40" Pot

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Top 35" / Bottom 23" - 27"High - 12 Gal

Hooks and Lattice container irrigation insert is designed to be dropped into most standard vase-shaped and tapered decorative containers, for exterior and interior pots and planters. The Planter Technology's water-smart vacuum-sensor technology precisely monitors the soil moisture level, irrigating the plant only when the soil starts to dry. Little or no water is allowed to evaporate off the surface, and only excess rainwater drains through the drainage adapter. It allows for extended manual filling intervals, typically four times longer than hand-watering intervals (i.e., a pot waterd by hand every 3 days might require a reservoir refill every 12 days), depending on the plant and the surrounding conditions. Like all Planter Technology inserts, it is durable and can be easily removed if it needs to be worked on "off-site". While lightweight, they have been used in every application you can put a pot or plant into.

  • Keeps plants healthy, strong and stress free by balancing moisture and oxygen levels in the soil at all times.
  • Integrated exterior drainage adapter allows excess rainfall to overflow but prevents drainage of irrigation water during normal outdoor use.
  • Will not leak or sweat, prevents staining of terra-cotta contain.
  • Large fill hole accommodates a garden hose for easy filling.

The Hooks and Lattice reservoir is filled by hand every 2-3 weeks. The fill hole is closed with a stopper, creating a vacuum-tight closed reservoir.

When the soil is dry (indicating the plant needs water), the moisture sensor allows air to pass through the tube into the reservoir, allowing water to flow into the container from the bottom. The water wicks up through the soil, irrigating the plant.

As the soil becomes moist, the sensor (planted in the soil 1/3 to 1/2-way down the container) absorbs water. When wet, it acts like a valve, blocking the flow of air through the tube. A vacuum is created above the reservoir, preventing further watering until the soil begins to dry again.

The overflow drainage adapter allows excess water that builds up (typically rainwater) to escape without disrupting the system. Underplantings, after a short acclimation period, typically may be watered on the same cycle as the primary plant. Use a larger underplanting to allow it to grow into the moisture zone faster.

Top 35" / Bottom 23" - 27"High - 12 Gal

Additional Self Watering Insert Information

To fill your reservoir, simply remove the stopper plugging the fill hole on the top of the reservoir and pour water in by hand. Replace the stopper when the reservoir is full. The water will flow into the soil through the holes in the bottom of the reservoir. This allows the plants to be watered from the bottom up, the way that nature intended. The reservoir contains a moisture sensor, which will cause a tube to close once it absorbs moisture, preventing your plants from being over-watered. When the plant has used the water in the soil, the sensor will dry, and the tube will open again and the process will repeat.

Plant Insert Filling

Drainage Plug

These reservoirs have a built-in overflow drainage plug in the sidewall. If the reservoir will be used outdoors, remove the plug to allow excess water to flow out as necessary. If the reservoir will be used indoors, leave the drainage plug in place, as overflowing should not be an issue. Questions? Email or call us toll free 1-800-896-0978

Overflow Drainage Plug