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36in. Modern Wave ArmoreCoat Planter

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36"L x 12"W x 12"H

Product Overview:

  • Lightweight, durable fiberglass core coated in real copper
  • ArmoreCoat copper finish will patina over time to a blueish-grey hue
  • Handcrafted and polished
  • Includes drainage holes
  • Three standard sizes; custom orders accepted
  • Use as a standalone planter or purchase wall or railing brackets for use as a window box or deck rail planter.

Explore the Appeal of this 36" Planter and Window Box

Thinking about starting your own container garden? Whether you want to plant delicious herbs and other edibles to keep right outside the kitchen window, or you're looking to up the curb appeal of your home by leaps and bounds, these planters are an excellent choice. Their roomy interior offers plenty of planting space, while the 36" length is versatile enough to make an impression among numerous locations. Not only can they stand on their own as a patio or garden planter, but they're also suited for use with our optional planters, allowing you to take things in a vertical direction by placing them on windowsills, railings or even old fences to liven them up. The exterior features a real copper construction that will slowly fade to a blue/green patina over time, while maintaining a wavy texture that instantly draws attention.

Outdoor Planters Designed to Last for Ages

The real beauty of these planters is that they will last for season after season. Not only is copper a metal that is suitable for the outdoors, but the interior liner of each item is made from fiberglass. This material is not only impervious to the majority of outdoor weather conditions, allowing it to remain free from rust and rot, but it's also easier to clean than some comparable materials. It lasts longer than even the best plastics! Drainage holes come pre-drilled to allow excess rain water to escape, thus helping to prevent root rot and other issues related to overwatering. For customization options and additional sizes, give us a call and let us know what your planters will be used for and we'll help you through the ordering process.

36"L x 12"W x 12"H