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42" Contemporary Window Box Cage

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Cage: 43" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)

With all the charm of our more traditional window box offerings, paired with a contemporary sense of style that bodes well for more modern homes, this durable window planter is a winning combination of fashion meets function. Its minimalist design boasts a simple base, accented by geometric rectangles along the center for added visual appeal. Made for use with our coordinating liners, or you may add any of your favorite 8" clay pots instead for up to four separate flower arrangements. It's a fitting option for those who want a more updated look without giving up the timeless elegance iron planters are known for. Features:

  • Matte black finish protects iron cage
  • Fits 8" flower pots or add a rectangular liner (PVC or galvanized steel)
  • Mount with bolts, wall or railing brackets

This large contemporary planter is made from wrought iron, a material that has been used for ages due to its inherent strength and ruggedness, especially when accommodating large plants and other heavy items. A items are handmade, ensuring a high level of detail and accuracy in the design and construction, since our artisans take great pains to make certain every product meets our quality standards. Additionally, each cage is powder coated for a more resilient finish that resists rust, fading, corrosion, peeling, and chipping when used in wet, humid, or hot locations.

We offer a wide selection of PVC and metal liners that work wonders with this coordinating item. Customers enjoy our liners because they make use of their window boxes more convenient, as they can be lifted out of the main frame for planting and re-planting any time. Additionally, drainage holes in the liners make root rot and other water related problems less likely to occur. This window cage is easy to install, with an integrated system already in place for quick and easy mounting. Custom size and color options may be available upon request. Just contact our gardening experts to discuss your exact project specifications.

Cage: 43" L x 9" W x 9" H (Fits 8" pots)