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48" Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

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48.0"L x 7.25"W x 8"H
Exterior Dim. w/ Trim: 49.25"L x 7.875"W x 8"H

Laguna Premier Direct Mount Flower Box

Looking for a way to draw a little bit of attention to a boring and uninspired façade? You can't go wrong with window boxes filled to the brim with bright seasonal foliage when it comes to drawing some admiring eyes. And there's no better way to do it than with our Laguna Premier direct mount flower box planters. As easy to install as they are on the eyes, these direct mount window boxes install in just minutes and offer you years of elegant classic curb appeal. With the look and feel of real wood they add a custom handcrafted look to your outdoor décor.

Wood Appeal in Durable PVC

While our chic Laguna Premier flower boxes showcase a timeless real-wood look, they are actually made from a modern cellular PVC material. Like wood, PVC is able to offer a distinct hand-carved silhouette with decorative upper and lower trim. But unlike wood this PVC window box planter will last for many seasons out in the elements. These high-quality PVC planter boxes won't warp or swell due to moisture and changing temperature. They won't rot over time or become damaged by insects. They are also resistant to cracking and chipping. And even though they are white, these PVC flower boxes are easy to clean; simply wipe them with a damp cloth to keep that pristine snowy appearance.

Optional Accessories for Window Boxes

These rectangular window boxes can be mounted to any vertical surface, whether that is beneath a window or simply on a wall or fence that is in need of a decorative enhancement. They come in standard white but can easily be painted to match your décor. We offer this window box with optional faux brackets for a decorative upgrade that simulates real beams. We also offer a made-to-fit self-watering reservoir that cuts back on gardening maintenance.

Window Box Size: 48.0"L x 7.25"W x 8"H (not including trim on top & bottom of box)
Exterior Box Dimensions including Trim: 49.25"L x 7.875"W x 8"H
Interior Planting Dimensions: 47"L x 6.25"W x 7.5"H.

Window Box Dimensions Direct Mount Laguna

Most window boxes look best when sized to the outer edge of your window trim or midpoint of your shutters (as pictured).  The top molding on the Panel "Premier" extends two inches in each direction beyond the base of the window box.

Our Direct Mount, Cleat Mount and XL Cleat Mount sizes are differentiated by their width and height as shown below. You are currently considering a Direct Mount size box.

Click Here to view our Standard Size Laguna Window Boxes

Please call us if your require a custom length 800-896-0978

flower window box dimensions height and width

Add (1) 32" Drop-In PlanterWell Reservoir  by using the drop down menu above the add to cart button and then clicking "Add To Cart"

Self Watering Reservoir from hooksandlattice.com Self Watering Plant System from Hooksandlattice.com Window Box  Self Watering System from Hooksandlattice.com

These rectangular "PlanterWell" Self Watering Reservoirs are a perfect solution to make your new or existing window boxes or planters easier to maintain.

With our wide selection of sizes and custom configurations "PlanterWell" self watering reservoirs can be designed to irrigate almost any size window box or planter. Each "PlanterWell" self watering reservoir can be used by itself or in conjunction with other "Planter Well" self watering reservoirs to create a self irrigating window box or planter.

Not only do "PlanterWell" self watering reservoirs reduce the times that a planter needs to be watered it also improves plant growth and reduces water usage. Each Planter Well will irrigate 9" of soil beyond it's edge, so one 32" reservoir will keep the soil moist in a window box or planter that is 48" long.

Petite Classic Faux Brackets (2): Simulated “beams” under box (Item # S9-FB-PET; $20/ea.). Can be included as automatic add-on feature when ordering (see drop-down menu box when ordering)or purchased as separate items by entering Qty (2) in box located in upper right area of this page and then clicking "Add To Cart". Faux Brackets look particularly great with second story windows or with window boxes with cascading plants.

Elegant Faux Brackets

Click Here for our guide to installing Direct Mount Composite Window Boxes.

Installation guidelines can be found by clicking on the link named "Installation Guides" in either the dark green band at the top of each page or the light blue link in the left margin at the bottom of each page.

Please Note: We sell mounting bolts for our composite window boxes separately and can be found on the right side of each product page or on our "Window Box Brackets & Bolts" web page. The reason we don't automatically supply bolts and hardware is due to the many different types of walls and siding used throughout the U.S. Your bolt requirements will vary based on the type of wall or siding your home or office has. All of our "Standard" size composite window boxes come with an innovative cleat mounting system that allows you to mount the single composite cleat to your home and then neatly hang the window box. All of our Iron and Aluminum window box cages and hayrack troughs come with pre-drilled 1/4" holes on the back of the cage. Mounting brackets that offer both structural support and add decorative detail are available but also sold separately.

For composite window boxes we recommend you mount them directly to your wall (vs. a bracket) using 3/8" diameter X 3 1/2" long bolts for wood and stucco siding but only when fully secured to the framing studs inside of the wall. Lag shields should be added with the lag bolts when mounting in brick, masonry or block.

For Iron Cages, Aluminum Cages and Hayrack Trough Window Baskets, we recommend (and sell separately) 1/4" diameter x 3" long lag bolts (and of course lag shields for brick, masonry or block).

We urge you to consult your local hardware store, handyman or licensed contractor for more specific direction if required.