48in. Galvanized Window Box - Bronze

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Create an inviting space for friends and family to gather with our galvanized window box planters. Unlike containers which have to be placed on the floor of a patio or porch, these planter boxes are ideally suited for mounting along windowsills, railings, walls, and fences. All you need is the proper hardware, which we offer right here at Hooks and Lattice. Additionally, window boxes are perfect for those with limited yard space or who have unfavorable soil. Just fill with your favorite gardening soil and seedlings and enjoy.
These galvanized boxes are made from bronze and feature a weathered appearance that only grows more beautiful with time. Its galvanized design is made to withstand harsh weather conditions, allowing it to maintain its attractive appearance over time. Rusting and corrosion aren't issues like with some other metals. The coloring is beautifully offset by bright and bold colors, such as red, orange, and gold. But this box works wonderfully with a wide range of plant life, so let your imagination be your guide.
While they are ideal for mounting alone, they also work well with our Decora planter boxes for use as a liner. Just place them inside and remove when cleaning, replanting, or taking flowers indoors becomes a necessity.

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Length 48"
Height 7.5"
Width 8"
Style Tapered
Material Galvanized
Color Bronze
Sizes 48"
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