48" XL Standard Window Box w/ XL Coir Liner

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Sometimes bigger really is better. These XL window box planters are a new rendition of our stunning cage window boxes, but redesigned and resized to accommodate hot and humid southern coastal climates. You're no longer limited to what you can plant, since these accommodating boxes are able to handle even super-sized flowers, small edibles, and ample vines or greenery with ease. The larger and deeper size retain moisture longer, preventing plants from drying out between watering, keeping them healthier and safer even in locations with high heat and low humidity. Each planter features a stylish "cage" design with slender metal bars in a bold black finish. The exterior is powder coated, preventing rust and fading even in areas with heavy rain or sweltering summer heat. Because the finish is baked right into the metal construction, it is far superior to regular painting, and also prevents fading when planters are placed in direct sunlight, another bonus if you live in a hot, arid area of the country. Each planter also comes with a coir liner for an earthy feel, creating a striking contrast again the black finish of the planter. Additionally, the coir liner is ideally suited for locations with less water, since it holds moisture inside of the planter, keeping roots hydrated between watering for healthier plants.

More Information
Length 48"
Height 10"
Width 9.5"
Material Coconut Coir, Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Black
Sizes 48"
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