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54in. Lattice Cage w/ Liner

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Cage: 55" L x 9" W x 9" H
Liner: 54" L x 8" W x 8.5" H

Create your own mini garden in this 54" Lattice Cage with Liner. The beautiful cage is manufactured from solid steel and finished in a black powder coat that will allow your window box cage to last for years without rusting, even when exposed to the harshest of winters. Begin planting immediately into our large selection of liners - all of which will complement this cage perfectly. Whether you choose a PVC, galvanized metal, or real copper liner, you will receive a top-of-the-line product that will instantly boost your curb appeal. PVC offers the benefit of being a material that will never rot or fade, galvanized metal liners are available in various powder coat finishes and will last for several seasons, and our real copper liners will eventually patina to a lovely blue/green color with exposure to the elements. All of our liners come with pre-drilled drainage holes to help prevent your precious plants from root rot. Installation is quick and easy with the pre-fabricated mounting straps located on the back of the cage. Simply purchase bolts that will work for your wall and directly mount the window box to your home. If you desire an extra touch of style or wish to install your container garden onto a deck or railing, take a look at our window box bracket section to find the best brackets that will fit your needs. Custom sizing is available. Call our customer service department at 800-896-0978 to request a free estimate.
Cage: 55" L x 9" W x 9" H
Liner: 54" L x 8" W x 8.5" H

Your hardware will vary depending on the surface you are mounting your window box planter to.

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Hooks and Lattice Decora Installation Picture

If decorating your patio, deck or deck rails - we offer several mounting bracket options that offer security and make for easy removal, cleaning and plant care. You can easily add to cart by choosing a bracket set (enter Qty 1 for a set of 2) on the right side of this page.  Brackets are offered for 2x4" deck railing or 2x6".

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