60in. Del Mar Decora Window Box w/ Oil- Rubbed Bronze Galvanized Liner

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This metal window box and matching galvanized bronze liner are a perfect pair when it comes to rugged outdoor style. Sweeping lines and crisscrossed patterns flow throughout the piece, while a black finish mingles beautifully with the bronze hue of the insert. Old world style meets modern convenience, allowing you to mix and mingle with most any exterior siding or decor. The extra-large sizing is also handy for those with sizable windows, or anyone who wants to grow larger flowers or even edibles to keep within easy reach when needed. Imagine having fresh herbs or even vegetables available right when you need them!

Deeply Rooted Durability
Made from wrought iron, these garden planter boxes are highly durable and made for the outdoors. Iron is without compare when it comes to strength, and it is combined with a powder coated finish on both the planter itself and the liner. The powder coating process involves baking the color into the material, so it isn't just sitting right on top like with conventional paint. This nips rust in the bud, maintaining your planter's functionality and appearance. Additionally, it resists chipping and fading, even when used in areas with heavy sunlight or changing temperatures.

Easily Switch Ourt Seasonal Plantings
The included liner is a real bonus, because it makes enjoying your garden so much easier. Unlike traditional window boxes which have to be removed in order to replant (unless you want to make a mess), these stay in place. Just lift the liner out and take it to your planting location and put it back when you're done. It also makes cleanup a snap at the end of the reason. Remove dead flowers and soil, and put the liners away until next year. Or, try something a little different, and add faux arrangements to keep the colors going all year round, no matter how cold it gets.

More Information
Length 60"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner Bronze
Color Black
Sizes 60"
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