60in. ArmoreCoat Bronze Laguna Premier

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By now, you know that window box planters are an easy and economical way to add curb appeal to your home, and few options are more elegant than real metal window planters. But they can be pricey, and not everyone has that kind of funding for their gardening aspirations. Luckily, you don't have to give up on your dream container garden with these beautifully designed window boxes.
They begin with a fiberglass construction that boasts a wood-like appearance. But unlike real wood, it won't rot, twist, or warp in harsh weather conditions. It's also not a material that typically becomes a meal for hungry insects and other pests, so your plants stay safer. The interior is roomy enough for all manner of plant life, and the durable construction will hold up even with heavy plants and soil taking over. You'll also appreciate that the base is handcrafted, ensuring an attention to detail machine-made items cannot rival.
But the real beauty of these boxes is that they are coated with a metallic finish that is topped with an authentic bronze coat. It looks and feel like an actual solid bronze window planter, but you'll pay only a fraction of the cost. Additionally, it will age much like a real bronze item, transforming to a silvery hue that will add instant charm and elegance to your home.

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Length 60"
Height 8"
Width 8.75"
Material Composite
Color Bronze
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