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60"L x 6"W x 6"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners

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This stylish composite PVC liner does double duty, since it also makes a wonderful option used alone for mounting directly onto your windowsills. If someone who wants your flowers to take the stage, rather than your planter, then this may be the right choice for your upcoming gardening project. It has a simple, sleek rectangular shape that is long and slender to fit in narrow spaces. It also has a clean white finish that easily blends well with a range of home exteriors. Although suitable for compact gardening, you'll find there is still plenty of room for your chosen blooms and herbs.

No Rot. No Maintenance. No Worries.
Unlike our comparable metal liners, this one is made from cellular PVC. This material is known for boasting the look of real wood, but without the weight and drawbacks. For instance, it won't rot, split, or warp when used in wet climates. It's also impervious to insect damage and rusting. Unlike wood, this material is also lightweight and easier to install. Thick walls furthers the authentic appearance and durability, all while being much less expensive than other materials generally are, so you can afford to add planters to every window of your home.

Rinse and Repeat
Although you'll find these window box liners are perfectly suited for use on their own, they're also ideal when used as liners in existing planter boxes. This allows you to fit them into place, and then lift them right back out when needed. Move plants indoors during times of inclement weather conditions or frost. Or, re-plant items during seasonal changes or anytime you're just looking for something new to try. Being able to move the liners around easily saves time and prevents you from having to go through the hassle of dismounting regular boxes for plants that need to go indoors. To clean planter liners simply rinse with the hose or wipe down with a damp cloth.