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24"L x 6"W x 6"H Cellular PVC Planter Liners

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You'll find a wide range of uses for these PVC liners for planters. Although they are wonderful when paired with any garden planter, they can also be used alone for gardening in their own right. The white finish is a wonderful match for most home exterior colors, although other shades may also be available upon request. This box fits most windowsills, but may also be mounted along banisters or railings. Just use the specialized brackets and your placement options are virtually unlimited. Use liners to:

  • Extend the life of wooden planters
  • Line balconies, decks and front porches
  • Create a modular veggie garden

Drainage and Ease of Use
Each item features drainage holes pre-drilled into the bottom. This allows water to escape easily, so heavy rain is no longer a detriment to your plants. It also prevents over watering, which can be a cause of root rot and mold. When used as window box liners, they can be lifted into and out of the wrought iron cage of your choice quick and easily. Plants are easier to move during storms, or whenever there is going to be a frost risk. It also makes replanting a lot easier, and the liners can be stored away until next season when you're done for the year. Or, add some of our faux flowers and keep the look alive all year round.

Weather Resistant Charm
The real beauty of cellular PVC is that it's very weather resistant. It looks just like real painted wood, but it's far more enduring when used in outdoor conditions. For instance, you won't have to deal with warping, splitting, and rotting. Rusting is also unheard of, and the paint resists fading when placed in direct sunlight. Even with all of its longevity, PVC is more affordable than most comparable materials, so you'll easily be able to buy planter boxes for use around your entire home. Ask about additional sizes and other custom options if need