72" Deluxe English Garden Window Box w/ Std. Coconut Coir Liner

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Relive the simple gardening techniques of yesteryear with our collection of old world style window boxes. These trough planters are unique and designed for long-lasting use thanks to a durable construction that is sure to last through whatever Mother Nature throws their way with grace and without losing visual appeal. The liners are made from a combination of crushed coconut shells and tree sap - an entirely natural concoction that promotes the growth of your beautiful, beloved flowers. Additionally, the coconut coir will lock in moisture at the roots, keeping plants healthier by preventing wilting, while also reducing the risk of mold growth and root rot by allowing for proper drainage over time. And the old world style window boxes themselves are comprised of wrought iron that has been powder-coated. The polished finish gives the iron a natural resistance to rusting, cracking, and usual wear-and-tear that comes from being exposed to the elements. This is made possible because the powder coating involves baking the finish directly into the material itself, allowing for superior weather resistant that is a cut above that of conventional painting. The many shapes and sizes of these trough planters are perfect anywhere you want to place them, allowing you to enjoy container gardening along windowsills, fences, bare walls, or even place along railings when using our specialized brackets and hardware.

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Length 72"
Height 7"
Width 7"
Material Coconut Coir, Wrought Iron
Liner Coconut Coir
Color Black
Sizes 72"
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