72" Medallion Decora Window Boxes w/White Galvanized Liner

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There's a myriad of ways to enjoy our Decora series Medallion window boxes. Their spacious design allows you to grow everything from flowers to carrots, so you're not limited when it comes to planting whatever you've been dreaming of. Additionally, they're sturdy enough to hold up under the weight of even larger plants and soil thanks to their stable wrought iron construction. The crisscross design meets in the center of a sleek X frame at the point of a stylish medallion decal, so they'll also add a stunning new look to your home for enhanced curb appeal.

The finish has been powder coated into the iron, which makes it superiorly durable in terms of weather resistance. You'll see reduced rusting and corrosion when compared to painted finishes, although these boxes are also easy to paint, so you can switch up the color to whatever shades you love most.

Add the Plant Well internal planting reservoir for watering on demand. The consistent moisture level allows roots to pull in just what they need, while the rest of water is kept below until later. This helps prevent dried out leaves and wilting if you forget to water the plants for a few days, while also preventing root rot, mold, and other issues overwatering leads to.

More Information
Length 72"
Height 7.5"
Width 8.5"
Mounting Type Mounting Strip
Liner White
Color Black
Sizes 72"
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