72" XL Panel Premier Window Box w/ *Easy Up* Cleat Mounting System

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When it comes to style and flawless function, these extra-large 72" paneled flower boxes simply can't be beat. The fronts feature an elegant paneled design that adds a level of sophistication and interest to their otherwise simple look. This blend of class and simplicity allows these planter boxes to work effortlessly with a wide range of décor themes. Whether your home is contemporary, rustic, or truly traditional, these planters will find their place among your existing items. Their roomy interior allows for plenty of space for large flowers, dramatic vining greenery, as well as edibles that can be ready to enjoy any time right outside your kitchen window. The functional appeal doesn't end there, as they're also constructed from solid cellular PVC. This gives them the look of actual wood, but with none of the drawbacks like warping, rotting, or insect damage. Boxes maintain their sleek appearances season after season. While white is the standard color scheme, boxes can be easily painted to reflect your personal sense of style. Textures and patterns can also be added for a little extra flair when you need it. Or, keep things simple and let your flowers maintain their status as stars of the show.

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Length 72"
Height 10.5"
Width 10.5"
Material Composite
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color White
Sizes 72"
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