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Abbey Round Planters

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These attractive and versatile round fiberglass planters are manufactured with style and function in mind. The Abbey collection of jug shaped planters come in a variety of eight colors and in sizes ranging from 24"-84" in diameter, and 18"-52" in height, making it a comprehensive assortment of large outdoor planters.

With a smooth design that translates well across a range of different landscape, architectural and design styles, the Abbey has a simple, but graceful presence. In addition to pleasing the eye, these round fiberglass planters are durable and practical. Made up of a composite material that is both lightweight and waterproof, these large outdoor planters maintain a lovely aesthetic even in nature's ugliest elements.

Whether you're looking to make a statement with one grand centerpiece, or to bring together a larger-scale design concept with a cohesive collection of jug shaped planters, this assortment offers a host of options.

24"Dia. x 18"H Abbey Round Planter
24" Dia. x 24"H Abbey Round Planter
30" Dia. x 24"H Abbey Round Planter
34" Dia. x 30"H Abbey Round Planter
48" Dia. x 36"H Abbey Round Planter
60" Dia. x 42"H Abbey Round Planter
84" Dia. x 52"H Abbey Round Planter

Available in a range of sizes, the Abbey collection of round fiberglass planters brings options with a classical consistency to any landscape design. Whether you're aiming to accent a traditional veranda, or tie together a variable sequence of outdoor spaces, the simplistic style of these large outdoor planters lends itself to a variety of functions in your overall plan.

With their classic, elegant design these jug shaped planters can be the center of attention or take the back seat to a grand floral arrangement spilling over polished edges. Pair up a couple of these round fiberglass planters to highlight a grand entryway, or stagger them individually along meandering pathways to accent the beauty and uniqueness of your property's landscape attributes.

Offered in colors ranging from neutral, to gray, to earthen tones, the Abbey large outdoor planters come in hues suited to compliment any exterior scheme. Throw in a blast of brightness with a vibrant, flowing floral scheme, or contrast visual lines with a towering evergreen.

Designers can also manipulate textures with a choice of two different finishes on these jug shaped planters. Available in smooth or textured sand, customize your combination of color and finish to accomplish the exact feel you envision for your design aesthetic. The creative eye has plenty of room to wander and play with the structure of these round fiberglass planters.

Aside from multiple size, color and texture options, perhaps one of the best features of these jug shaped planters is their easily maintainable and lightweight fiberglass construction. Requiring minimum upkeep, and possessing maximum durability in the face of natural elements, the Abbey collection is truly a no-nonsense option for large outdoor planters. Although they portray the illusion of a much more permanent stature, the lightweight fiberglass material allows for effortless mobility and rearrangement, further adding to the product's versatility.

Incorporate these round fiberglass planters into your design plans today - customer service is standing by to answer questions and assist with your order.