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Abbey Square Planters

Distinctive in style and versatile in construction, the Abbey square fiberglass planter will look stunning in any outdoor or indoor arrangement. Highlighted by a sturdy, geometric base with the added luxury of a convex body tapered at the top, these big planters can gel with a variety of design styles from the Mediterranean inspired garden to a contemporary foyer.

As a comprehensive collection of large fiberglass planters, the Abbey offers a lightweight, low maintenance option that upholds the look and functionality of a much heavier big planter. With an ability to handle full planting loads in addition to the wear and tear of commercial outdoor placement, this square fiberglass planter will open up a world of options for enhancement of interior or exterior ambiance.

For a unique touch to that special design aesthetic, landscape architects and interior designers will easily imagine the possibilities with the Abbey square fiberglass planter.

For more information on sizes and colors, call customer service today at 1-888-320-0626.

Far from your run-of-the-mill boxy motif, the Abbey square planter adds a distinct charm and character to any landscape or interior design configuration. Built up from a sturdy foundation, the body of this large fiberglass planter grasps the attention of passersby with its unique, convex twist on the more conventional rectangular and square style of big planters.

Landscape architects looking to enhance exteriors will enjoy the outward curves of these large fiberglass planters and the personality they bring to a commercial-scape project. Interior designers will also relish in the dramatic protrusions characteristic of the Abbey. Rounding out the list of attributes is a sturdy reinforced fiberglass construction, built to weather the elements and maintain even the most demanding of arrangements, making the possibilities truly endless.

Lightweight and durable, these convex square fiberglass planters are comprised of materials that bring a lightweight, movable solution to the world of large, commercial-grade planters. As designers and architects, you have a vision, but that doesn't mean it always comes together on the first run. And when you're working with bulky, immovable concrete containers there's little room for error. However, with the option of an agile reinforced fiberglass big planter that doesn't sacrifice style and charm, your project gets that extra bit of breathing room - allowing you to rearrange and tweak as needed to achieve functional solutions that also satisfy a critical eye for impeccable design.

Whether the picture in your mind features boisterous, flowing florals or straightforward greenery the Abbey collection of square fiberglass planters will add the stunning foundation upon which to build out your design concept. With a personality that juxtaposes an orthodox geometric square with a funky outcurved body, the Abbey Square Planter translates well across a variety of design plans, from the traditional to the unconventional.

The Abbey large fiberglass planters are also available in a more traditional round shape, should you wish to incorporate other geometric shapes with a similar style. For more information on available sizes and colors, and to talk about how you can bring this special piece into your interior design or landscaping plans, contact a customer service representative today at 1-888-320-0626.