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Distinctive Address Plaques

When walking, biking or driving past street address signs, our eyes more easily identify those abodes displaying address plaques. Unlike business or home address signs comprised of separate metal numbers, designer address plaques lend a focal point to passersby making your location easier to spot.

In this collection provided by Hooks & Lattice, our customers will find a range of styles: Standard Size Address Plaques make great home address signs, quaint but striking. Estate Size Address Plaques and Hanging Plaques make a little larger statement for larger scale street address signs, perhaps in commercial settings. Finally, stock plaques provide specific messages such as "Private Drive" or "No Trespassing" for visible display at a driveway entrance.

Estate Size Address Plaques
Standard Size Address Plaques
Stock Plaques
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Hanging Plaques

Address plaques are a clever way to spruce up street address signs and give your home or office a distinguished feel. With designer home address signs, you can boost curb appeal while simultaneously guaranteeing a functional, clear display of your whereabouts.

When thinking of the street address signs in neighborhoods or commercial areas familiar to us, the locations displaying noticeable address plaques will often be the ones we recall most easily. Translate this notion into unknown territories, and it's easy to see why dwellings with clear home address signs and businesses with obvious address plaques are the ones that stand out.

At Hooks & Lattice, we have brought a comprehensive collection of designer street address signs and address plaques into one, convenient online space. Available in a range of styles, we offer options fitted to applications as either business or home address signs.

First, the Standard Size Address Plaques are sized appropriately for residential use as home address signs. With four unique styles to choose from, our customers have the option to go for a more straightforward shape like the rectangular 13" Classic Address Plaque, or a more ornate silhouette like the 15" Admiral Address Plaque. These street address signs make your domicile identifiable for guests, deliverymen and emergency personnel.

Hanging Plaques and Estate Size Address Plaques are smart street address signs for applications not involving a wall mount. Posted in a yard, at the beginning of a driveway or hanging down from an arch, these plaques make effective business or home address signs.

Finally, we offer stock plaques for display of specific messaging including: "Private Drive" or "No Trespassing." Pair these with address plaques to match, and easily create a sophisticated system of identification for your home or office.

Address plaques are a great way to add finishing touches to a residential or commercial landscaping project. For questions on designer address signs and more design ideas to improve curb appeal, please contact one of our consultants directly by calling 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.