Rail Planter Box Bracket Adjustable Pair

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These brackets and rails allow you to install a window box almost anywhere along your railing. Adjustable brackets and rail features:

  • Manufactured in steel, and powder-coated black, stainless steel hardware
  • Adjustable top of bracket secures window boxes between 6"-9.5" in height
  • Rails fit round, square, aluminum, wood, PVC, wrought iron, and composite balusters, uprights, or spindles
  • Balusters must be no further apart than 5", and between 1/2"-1 1/2" thick
  • Bracket Guideline: 1 pair of brackets for window boxes 36" length, 2 pairs for window boxes 42"-72" in length. Ensure brackets are spread evenly with 24" being the maximum space between each bracket.
  • 20" Rail for window boxes 24"-36" Length, 36" Rail for window boxes 36"-60", 72" Length window boxes require (2) 36" rails.

You take the time to carefully tend your potted plants, feeding, watering and weeding them to create the perfect container garden. Those delicate beauties take all season to reach their peak display, so you want to be sure that a unwary visitor, reckless pet, or forceful wind doesn't topple them over. What a disaster! Never fear, with our adjustable wrought iron plant brackets, you can be sure that your flower boxes stay where you put them.

Never again will you have to worry about your planters falling from their perch. This pair of adjustable plant hangers is made to clamp on to your planter box, holding it securely in its sturdy steel grasp. The shelf of these brackets measures 5.5" but because of the adjustable hook at the top of the bracket you can safely install a window box with a larger depth. Choose a 20" rail kit for window boxes up to 36" in length. For 36" - 60" window boxes choose the 36" rail, and for 72" window boxes, choose 2 36" length rail kit. Buy two pairs of brackets for window boxes 42" in length - 72" in length. Each steel bracket set is powder-coated to resist rust, ensuring that they will stay strong and beautiful for many years no matter what the climate.

Securing your planters in place is a breeze. Simply slide the planter under the loosened upper adjustable brackets, clamp them down, and tighten the stainless steel wing nut. Fill with soil and plants, and enjoy!

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Width 5.5"
Type Railing Brackets
Color Black
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