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Aluminum Bahama Shutters

Aluminum Bahama Shutters let breezes in while keeping harsh sunlight out: this fact makes Bahama Shutters a favorite in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Wherever you live though, the Bahama, often called "Bermuda" Shutter style makes for a beachy, breezy feel. And to handle much more than a light breeze, hurricane Bahama Shutters and other storm shutters are available for purchase via phone.

The aluminum shutters shown are made from 16 gauge extruded aluminum, Dade County approved, and Exterior Bahama Shutters are available online in various lengths. Our sturdy Bahama Outdoor Shutters are finished with a powder coated paint for superior outdoor performance, and every order ships with the necessary bahama shutter hardware that makes them functional (louvers are fixed). Aluminum is a great alternative to wooden bahama shutters because of its worry and maintenance free properties.

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Bahama Shutters are a plantation style window shutter that was popularized in tropical homes for a very practical reason: keep breezes blowing and light shining without having to endure harsh sun rays. While Aluminum Bahama Shutters from Hooks & Lattice still serve this same purpose, they also possess a pleasing aesthetic that puts you in a white sand beach state of mind - regardless of geography.

Achieve contemporary design with a tropical feel.

These Exterior Bahama Shutters made from aluminum are a contemporary, decorative option to replace the classic wood shutter styles. In addition, aluminum Bermuda shutters are reasonably priced and more durable than wood or vinyl materials. Finished with powder coated paint, aluminum Bahama Shutters begin and end with durable outdoor rated materials. No rotting, cracking, warping or splitting.

Contemporary Storm and Hurricane Shutters with Swagger

When closed, exterior Bahama Shutters make for charmingly tropical curb appeal that also provides storm protection for windows. Hurricane shutters and shutters that are Dade County approved are extra heavy duty and built to withstand greater than gale force winds - we're talking full blown hurricanes! For more detailed information about gale force winds, see the Beaufort Wind Scale.

When open, Bahama Shutters keep up that same Caribbean-cool personality while promoting air circulation - these are often used as air conditioning alternatives! On top of shade, airflow and privacy, storm protection can also be worked in with hurricane Bahama Shutters. Available for price quoting and order via phone, hurricane and storm shutters have the same amazing look with an extra boost of resilience to endure aggressive weather.

Read about Aluminum Bahama Shutter hardware and installation.

Aluminum Hurricane Shutters feature telescoping arms for effortless open-to-close transitioning, and vice versa. The Outdoor Bahama Shutters in the photo has varying height measurements, as do all of our exterior shutters. There is a minimum order of 10 square feet, but we can work with virtually any dimensions you need matched for your project. All Bahama storm shutters can be quickly closed and secured without lifting tools. For additional shutter sizes and customizations available, just give us a ring!

Each panel features fixed louvers, but if you are interested in tilting or operable louvers please call in. Each is made to order and comes with all exterior shutter hardware required for installation. Classified as Florida Building Code (FBC) rated, Hurricane/Storm and Miami-Dade Bahama Shutters.

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