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Aluminum Post Mount Banner Brackets

Street and light pole banner brackets allow the easy and durable display of signage by a mount that wraps around poles. Here, clients can choose from heavy-duty post mount banner brackets made from aluminum in one of two configurations: single or double-arm. Each set includes tie wraps, screws and standard stainless steel straps for street pole banner brackets that fit up to 8 inches in diameter.

Suited to most any environment, our clients find that street and light pole banner brackets made from aluminum hold up well in tough exterior applications. Whether outside retail spaces, lining different sections of a museum, or adorning the terrace of a restaurant, post mount banner brackets make attractive signage displays possible along round and square poles. Depending on the application, single- or double-arm configurations can accommodate a range of projects. Double-arm street pole banner brackets are particularly popular for cities and municipalities where a city name and slogan are displayed on two separate banners lining the same pole.

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Single-Sided 34" Arm Heavy Duty Aluminum Banner Brackets
Double -sided 34" Arm Heavy Duty Aluminum Banner Brackets
As the example above shows, post mount banner brackets make affixing signage to poles easy and attractive. Each of the column, light and street pole banner brackets featured in this section is a high-grade aluminum product that features durability in all its working parts. When purchasing brackets, sets are available in single- or double-arm configurations to go with project requirements including those where banners must protrude from one or both sides of a pole.

Each set of light pole banner brackets includes all the pieces necessary for an efficient display of signage. Kits of post mount banner brackets include heavy duty 1.5" OD round aluminum banner poles and mounts with a 34" long arm. Screws, tie wraps and standard stainless steel straps are also included with this signage display system and mounts are suited to poles measuring up to 8" in diameter. Depending on preference of single or double configuration, kits will include the appropriate assemblage with pricing adjusted accordingly.

Whether mounting as light pole banner brackets or along an architectural column, the combined aluminum and cast aluminum materials utilized here are well suited to outdoor applications where wind levels are low to moderate. For street pole banner brackets to be utilized in areas where climate produces heavy gusts, additional reinforcements are recommended. Sign Bracket Store offers an array of options for post mount banner brackets suited to both exterior and interior use.

Banners are a popular form of primary and secondary signage, both for location and theme displays. Many cities and municipalities utilize double-arm street pole banner brackets to display a town name along one side and a city slogan along the other. This form of signage is also easy to interchange for festivals and seasons, and holiday banners are found to hang along Main Street's all across the nation during fall and winter festivities.

Both single- and double-arm post mount banner brackets open up a lot of opportunity for signage displays in otherwise dead space along square and round poles. Retail spaces and restaurants like to line their outdoor patio or storefront columns with banners that display alluring messaging and marketing to lure in passersby.