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Alexandria Aluminum Window Boxes

Fashionable, simple, but not shy about their elegance, these aluminum window boxes make for a stately presentation when mounted beneath windows, or along deck and patio railings. Diamonds and triangles cross into one another to form an engaging pattern, with rosettes displayed prominently at the center to enhance their refined appearance. This is mingled with a black finish for a luxurious feel that isn't too over the top, allowing the Alexandria window box to coordinate well with virtually any home decor.

While you'll appreciate these planters first for their elite sense of style, they're one of our most loved items because they maintain this visual appeal season after season. Each is hand crafted by skilled artisans from aluminum, which is highly durable and lightweight at once. This makes for easier installation, even on railings and other more difficult locations. The black finish is powder coated, preventing rusting and fading in inclement weather as well as for those boxes placed in direct sunlight during the hot summer months. Pair your box with a coordinating liner to make planting quick and easy. A wide range of options pair nicely with Alexandria's simple lines and classic shape. Choose from white, oil bronze, copper, and more.

24" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
30" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
36" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
42" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
48" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
54" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
60" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box
72" Alexandria Aluminum Window Box

Alexandria Aluminum Window Boxes are styled with a mix of triangle and diamond images centered on a perfectly proportioned rosette. They add taste and dignity to your plantings. You won't be surprised to learn that the Alexandria window box cages are handmade. Aluminum has come into its own as a lightweight but very strong metal for window boxes that is much appreciated when hanging these window box planters. Craftspeople who are experts in fabricating aluminum create these window boxes to be strong, long lasting and art for your home.

Bronze liners are very popular with Alexandria aluminum window boxes - a little formal on formal. But any of our choice window box liners - silver or copper toned, real copper or white are very attractive with this versatile window planter box. Any kind of 8" pot also looks at home in an Alexandria window box. If you want to shelter your plants during the winter or change out some plants during the season, working with flower pots in your planters makes that especially easy.

Be sure to take time to enjoy your window boxes! We guarantee that neighbors and others who pass by will, too, especially after you've worked your magic with flowers and foliage plants. You'll add to the ambiance of your neighborhood as well as your home when you add window boxes.