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Sofisticato Aluminum Window Boxes

These modern metal flower boxes are sure to make you exclaim, "Molto Sofisticato!" And even if you don't know Italian, you're sure to appreciate the elegant sophistication of this aluminum window box. A refreshing break from traditional window box cages, these planters lack any whimsical scrolls. The distinct geometric design of the Sofisticato planter box gives them an updated look that pairs with contemporary types of architecture and exterior décor. Give your home a well deserving upgrade in no time flat by mounting them beneath windows or on porch and balcony railings. Handcrafted from cast aluminum, these cages have the classic wrought iron look, however, that's where classic stops.

Inspired by modern European and Art Deco styles, these linear planter boxes have a symmetrical square-in-square design that gives a pleasing sense of balance. They are finished with a black powder coat that gives them extra versatility (and weather resistance). From white PVC, to oil-rubbed bronze, to gleaming real copper the optional liner inserts give your planter a "finished" look.

These plant boxes are available 24" to 72" long and custom flower boxes are available. Line an entire balcony or deck with brightly blooming flowers or add an eye-catching focal point to a picture window.

Questions about the Sofisticato Window Box Planters? Call: 800-896-0978 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

24in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
30in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
36in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
42in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
48in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
54in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
60in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box
72in. Sofisticato Aluminum Window Box

A Very Sophisticated Window Box

The Sofisticato certainly isn't your grandmother's traditional wooden window box. It takes the classic window box function and steps it up into the modern age both with materials and design. This planter cage showcases distinct nuances of Art Deco design, a style born in the 1920's and 30's. This style combines a geometric modern look with timeless fine craftsmanship, both of which are apparent in our Sofisticato aluminum window box. Crafted by hand, this rectangular planter exhibits a perfectly symmetrical double-square motif on the front and side, offering a handsome view from any angle. The black powder coat finish enhances the modern appeal. These planters look stunning against brick facades and plain white walls.

Eight Attractive Liner Options

Stylish custom flower boxes can make your home stand apart from all the rest, offering a simple façade upgrade that has huge dramatic impact. Fill these metal flower boxes with any of your favorite flowers, herbs, shrubs, or even vegetables. We offer a petite 24" version that is perfect for small space gardeners. Meanwhile, sizes like the 60" and 72" long Sofisticato planters offer an abundant amount of space for creating an entire wall of breathtaking floral beauty. Pair these planter cages with 8" round terra cotta or vinyl pots for individual plants, coconut coir liners for an organic planter solution, or choose one of our eight stunning metal and PVC liners. We include black metal and white PVC for a classic modern look, gleaming real copper for a rustic appeal, or metal tone finishes for a style that's all industrial chic.

Easy Mounting on Windows or Rails

Whether you live in a city apartment building or a country cottage you can add instant curb appeal to your home by adding modern flower boxes. These cast aluminum planters are easy to hang from any flat surface, not just windows. They have a flush back side that is all ready for mounting on façade walls or fence lines. All you need is the appropriate hardware, which can be found on our site. We also offer railing brackets so that you can mount these pretty planters from your deck, porch, or balcony railing. Imagine your favorite outdoor living space lined with lush flowers and greenery in these stylish wrought iron boxes!

All-Weather Outdoor Planters

With our cast aluminum planter boxes and liners you don't have to settle for good looks or durable performance. The Sofisticato window box planter provides both. These window boxes will offer rust-free performance in any weather for years to come. The power coat finish also affords extra weather and fade resistance. Made from all aluminum, including the welds, these planters offer the classic wrought iron look in a more lightweight, modern form. Never again worry about corroding, rotting, warping or breaking with these window boxes. Since the liners are removable you can take your plants in for the winter while leaving the cages up to add decorative appeal year-round.