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Aluminum Flower Boxes, Aluminum Window Box, Aluminum Window Boxes

Hooks and Lattice is pleased to offer our customers the beauty and adaptable practicality of exquisitely crafted and beautifully designed all aluminum window boxes. These cast aluminum flower boxes and window boxes are as carefree as they are lovely, and we deliver every aluminum window box right to your doorstep fully assembled and ready to install and use.  

All Aluminum Window Boxes offer distinct advantages, including the unique versatility that is possible thanks to their ultra-lightweight composition. For installations where you may be concerned about the wall or windowsill's ability to support the weight of an iron window box, aluminum flower boxes give you an easy and dependable lightweight option. But they are super heavy-duty when it comes to longevity and performance, and each aluminum window box is given an extremely durable black powder coated finish before it leaves our shop.

TOP QUALITY- 100% Aluminum Construction with no Iron or Steel Filler Straps

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The popular Hooks and Lattice collection of aluminum window boxes ensures that the most difficult part of growing your own windowsill gardens is going to be choosing which box you like the best.

 But not to worry, because our special series of aluminum flower boxes can stand on their own as unique and different, while also blend together with tasteful compatibility. Use them alone or mix and match them in every window of the house. The choice is yours and the choices for your aluminum window box are outstanding, with designs that blend European style with antique Southern charm - and do it all with super-durable and light materials meant to last a lifetime.

 From the French Quarter to Baton Rouge across to Savannah, Hooks and Lattice has you covered with options, selections, and designs that reflect your personal style and passion for both decorative design and a love of homegrown nature. All you have to do to enjoy the aluminum window boxes is take them out of the box, because they come already assembled and ready to resist any climate or weather, thanks to their long-lasting and high-tech black powder coated finish.

 Hooks and Lattice aluminum window boxes are cost effective, both in the short term and over the long lifetime of your purchase. Buy one of our beautiful aluminum flower boxes - made with attention to detail and guaranteed quality - and you'll enjoy it for many years to come. The styles are also incredible, and we offer our own exclusive designs that do not just hold a box or row of flower pots, but also serve to capture both tangible and intangible style, flair, personality, and taste.

 The handiwork of our finely crafted cast aluminum window boxes is both refreshingly unique and practically durable and reliable. Their lightweight design is a great alternative to heavy window boxes made of materials like wood or terra cotta, and lightweight aluminum also ensures that your planter boxes will never deteriorate, rot, sag, crack, or break.

 Plus, aluminum is also one of the most earth-friendly materials available, because it is made from bauxite - an abundant material that can be easily recycled. So while you are cultivating green with your Hooks and Lattice aluminum window box garden, you can enjoy the fact that you are also contributing to nurturing a greener planet.