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24in. Parisian Window Box

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Do you love the look of French windows but live elsewhere? These French-inspired iron window planters are just the thing you need to get the look of Paris without having to pick up and move across the pond. The ornamental scrollwork adorns the front and sides of the planter cage, each vertical iron bar ending in a flourishing swirl. This 24-inch window box gracefully curves for an overall length of 28.5 inches and overall width of 11 inches, giving you more planting space than rectangular window box cages. Each iron window box frame is made by hand, and then powder coated in a rust resistant black finish.

  • For use on on fences, windows and walls
  • Installation hardware available for Wood/Stucco and Brick/Masonry
  • Weather resistant black finish
  • Standard sizes available up to 6 feet long, plus custom availability.

It's fast and easy to add curb appeal to any home or business with outdoor window dressings like the Parisian. Not only can you grow your own herbs, edibles and flowers with the Parisian, you can increase home and property value at the same time. To install, use the pre-drilled holes located on the back of the planter cage and secure with 1/4" diameter bolts (sold separately). For installing window box planters on brick/masonry be sure to pick up the bolts with lag shields. The lag shields prevent the bolts from stripping, preserving both your planter and the integrity of your home's construction. Hang metal window boxes, planters and hanging baskets for a unified look throughout.

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24" x 9"W x 9.5"H
Overall: Length + 4.5" x 11"W x 9.5"H

Window Box Size

# of 8" Flower Pots

Liner Roll Length (minimum)

24 inch

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4 foot

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4 foot

36 inch

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4 foot

42 inch

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8 foot

48 inch

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8 foot

60 inch

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8 foot

72 inch

Up to 9

8 foot

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