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Doral 20" Half Round Planter

The Doral line of half round planters comes in different colors: Antique Bronze, Weathered Greystone, Rust and Weathered Terra Cotta - all for the same reasonable price. The planters themselves are well built for indoor (remember a drainage tray!) or outdoor use - lightweight and sturdy resin is durable and resistant to shock and weather. Each universal planter is meant to go flush against a wall; it is flat on the back and has a nice rim and is a curved, round container for gardening. These 20" planters have an antique feel to them, plus provide you with almost 24 gallons of container gardening fun!

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Doral 20in. Half Round Planter - Antique Bronze
Doral 20in. Half Round Planter - Weathered Greystone
Doral 20in. Half Round Planter - Rust
Doral 20in. Half Round Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta

Now, discover the round planter design secret to efficient small-space gardening. This clever container features a half-round planter shape that allows for display flush to a wall. On smaller patios, decks, terraces and areas with a lot of foot traffic, the Doral's smart layout conserves space where it counts.

Both Spacious and Space-Saving

The Doral Indoor/Outdoor Planters turn this container gardening feat into a reality. Simple yet ingenious, half-round planters manage to take up less room while still allowing gardeners to grow on a grand scale. The generous 20" size yields a nearly 24-gallon capacity. Plenty of room for vibrant arrangements of flowering shrubs, annuals perennials, green climbers and more.

Look of Pottery, Ease of Resin

Garden boxes and pots in ceramic and terra cotta styles are a classic. However, these traditional containers are not without their issues. They easily stain, can crack and split in cold temperatures, and prove cumbersome in larger sizes. Want to achieve that same beloved look without the hiccups in utility? Hello, resin garden planters!

Each half-round planter pot is constructed using a quality-grade, anti-shock resin material that performs exceedingly well in any climate. Other features include:

  • Resistance to weather damage including rot, splits and cracks
  • Lighter weight makes potting, cleaning and storage versatile
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy to move indoors - just add a drainage tray
  • Adds an antique, rustic feel the same way ceramic pots do

And to top off the list of perks, the Doral Large Flower Pot also comes in a choice of four finishes:

  • Gray that looks like sophisticated stone
  • Old Bronze for a tawny, metallic feel
  • Rust to replicate an earthy, brown tone

Small-Space Gardening at a Reasonable Price

Adding botanical accents is a surefire way to warm up any space, inside or out. And the Doral Half Round Planters sit flush and fantastic against any bare wall to create beautiful container gardening space. Few garden boxes of this size and convenience can compare!