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Rustic & Antique Planters

Rustic & Antique Planters create a perfectly aged and careworn look. The decorative metal planters in this online category are created with antique inspired silhouettes and embellishments, and combined with modern removable liners for easy planting and watering. Each faux antique planter is built from a steel or iron framework in various ornate designs.

The beautiful features of our Rustic & Antique Planters add charm and interest with just the right level of aging detail. Whether placing containers right in the garden, on the patio, or atop an outdoor table, each antique planter has a sophisticated personality stemming from classic design. Our decorative metal planters are sold as single pieces or in sets of two, depending on the style. For specific details, pricing and information on estimated shipping times, click on individual product icons below.

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Dover Duo Planter
Price: $32.85
Driftwood Acanthus Planter
Brookwood Set 2 Planters
Dover Round Planter
Price: $76.85
Dover Planter Set 2
Price: $169.85

Available in six distinct styles, the Rustic & Antique Planters from Hooks and Lattice are opulently decorative metal planters ideal for homes with an impeccable sense of style. While these rustic planter boxes are inspired by antiquated designs, the containers themselves are fully modern. Each faux antique planter is lined with removable inserts for effortless watering, planting and maintenance.

Replicating an antique planter takes just the right balance of design and aging detail. Like so many of the traditional styles found in English and French gardens, these rustic planter boxes are outlined in metal cages bent into alluring silhouettes. Each of the Rustic & Antique Planters also has a raised footing giving these containers that extra air of maturity and distinction.

Choose from round decorative metal planters like the Dover Round Planter, or the Brockwood Set of 2 Planters. Each has a heavy-duty steel square tube framework that is reinforced with a coordinating circle metal planter. On top of that, an aged patina finish gives this faux antique planter a realistic ripened feel.

For rectangular rustic planter boxes, our Dover Duo Planter and Dover Planter Set of 2 are a straightforward shape packed with embellishments. Again, steel square tubing is utilized for the shell and filled in with metal piping bent into a lavish pattern. The Dover Due Planter features two liners for placement inside the metal cage, while each container in the Dover Planter Set of 2 is fitted with a single liner. All pieces are finished in an aged patina, careworn to perfection.

Finally, our Rustic & Antique Planters in the Acanthus style are a convex interpretation of the usual rectangular planter. With elaborate leaflets creating the metal cage in this design, each bent and stamped section adds timeless appeal. As with our other antique planter styles, a matching liner is included in a corresponding weathered finish.

While Rustic & Antique Planters work best with traditional landscapes and gardens, if used correctly these rustic planter boxes can also be a welcome accent for the more contemporary home. Whatever aesthetic you're catering to, a place to plant brilliant flowers, vines and herbs is a stylish addition to any home.

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