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Rusted Iron Antique Reproduction Wall Bracket

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Flawless Antique Appeal

Delighted guests will think that you found this beautifully aged metal hanging basket bracket at an upscale antique shop. It has all the classic charm of an ornate wall hanging from a Renaissance cloister or a Victorian manor house. No one will ever guess that it was actually recently handmade just for you by Hooks & Lattice. And if you won't tell, we won't either! We pride ourselves on the skillful detail and talent that goes into the creation of each of these faux antique decorative wall brackets, from the forging of the iron to the precisely painted finish. Each wall bracket includes an attractive hanging basket for displaying your favorite flowers and plants.

Handmade Decorative Wall Brackets

This incredibly ornate rusted iron antique reproduction wall bracket showcases a close attention to detail that can only be achieved by hand. One look and you can tell that this decorative piece wasn't mass produced by a machine. To ensure the most authentic appearance, each of these hanging brackets and baskets is created by a master craftsman in a multi-step process that includes forging and shaping each intricately curving piece, then hand painted to get just the right color and texture. These brackets feature the "tole painting" practice, which is a folk art of painting on metal materials. The finish has a rust look to give it that true antique charm.

All-Inclusive Hanging Basket Bracket

Each decorative wall bracket includes a tapered round French wire basket and hanging chain. The only thing you need to add is your favorite plant. We suggest artificial plants- of which we offer a wide variety online- for a maintenance-free focal point. These bracket sets are made to be as durable as they are attractive. With a damage-resistant finish and sturdy construction, this lovely faux-antique hanger can hold plants securely from any height. Find mounting hardware in our online collection.

Bracket: 15.5"x 23" x 28"
Basket: 17" dia x 35"height (includes chain)