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Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters

Charming and hand crafted, our rustic and antique window boxes have texture and twists that create interest and lend an old world flair. By choosing rustic window boxes and planters from this online collection, your indoor or outdoor container gardening can take on the persona added by old world planters without inheriting the outrageous price tag of real antique pieces.

The Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters category features styles for both wall mount and window box applications. Use an antique wall planter to spruce up your entryway by mounting one on either side of the front door. Or, choose rustic window boxes and planters for an easy boost to window frames that will have all eyes focused on your beautiful home. An antique wall planter is easy to fill with mosses, vines, flowers or other plants for just the right finishing touch.

For more details on Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters please click on individual products below or call us toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

Parisian Window Boxes
Castlewood Window Box (Set of 2)
Set of 3 Orleans Half Oval Wall Planters
Half Circle Wall Planter
Faux Rust Iron Wall Bracket With Faux Copper Pot
Oversized Iron Two Section Wall Planter With Removable Liner
14in. x 20in. Black Urn Wall Sconce and Planter
Scroll Monogrammed Wall Planter
Tuscan Dragonfly Wall Planter Hurricane
Tuscan Butterfly Wall Planter Hurricane
"Le Jardin" Floral Urn Wall Planter
Bronze Colored Iron Wall Planter With Removable Liner

Get the allure of old world planters without the shock of an antique wall planter price. Rustic window boxes and planters bring inspired style, but when you purchase authentic, antiquated pieces it can be a hefty investment. Truly antique window boxes and planters sold by brokers often times have sentimental, subjective pricing and restoration cost on top of that.

Lucky for you, the look of old world planters can be achieved without all the hassle and expense. This online category of Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters is inspired by the best qualities of period pieces and made available at a fraction of the price. With the rustic window boxes and planters from this collection, you'll have the neighbors asking what antique rummage sale you found it at.

Whether your project is for walls or windows, our antique window boxes and wall planters are pretty versatile in terms of where you put them. While the Parisian and Seville designs are labeled as antique window boxes, they can also act as a full functional wall planter. In line with their classic inspiration, rustic window boxes and planters from Hooks and Lattice are made from luxurious metals. Most of the styles are given faux aging details to embody the feel of a much more mature container.

Our Seville and Parisian Antique Window Boxes are sold in sets of two, one large and one small. The slight variation in size makes for an interesting visual detail when hung in a vertical arrangement. These old world planters also feature ornate bends and scrolls, adding to their vintage appeal. The Acanthus Bronze Window Boxes are also sold in sets of two, but are slightly more robust in construction. Each comes with a stamped leaf detail on its convex body and a liner for easy planting.

The Dover Antique Wall Planter takes on an alluring rounded, basin shape and is finished in a careworn white tone. An accompanying metal liner is included in the purchase and makes an easy home for your choice of plants, flowers or other garden accents.

For questions on any of the Rustic & Antique Window Boxes / Wall Planters seen online at Hooks and Lattice, we encourage your toll free call: 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.