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Garden Arbors make a dramatic landscape accent and create a lattice-like frame for garden climbers to grow a home around. Each Garden Arbor featured online at Hooks & Lattice is a quality design for outdoor applications, and arbors are finished with an attractive charcoal brown powder coated finish.

Arbors create stunning arches and entryways in any part of a landscape. Apply a Garden Arch amidst flowerbeds for added structure and depth, or float it at the outer part of a lakeside lawn to signify going to or returning from the water's edge. Up close and from afar, Garden Arbors truly create a focal point in outdoor spaces.

Browse our Arbors product category below to view different Garden Arbor styles, including arched, finial and straight top designs. Our Urban Garden Arbor even features planters at its base.

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Altadena Arbor
Price: $590.85
Altadena Multi-Width Arbor
Blueridge Adjustable Width Arbor
Esplanade Arbor
Price: $379.85
Esplanade Large Arbor
Price: $400.85
Provence Arbor
Price: $714.85
Provence Multi-Width Arbor
Village Arbor
Price: $512.85
Village Multi-Width Arbor
A Garden Arbor brings timeless charm to your landscape, and garden arches and arbors also layer on a vertical element for added visual depth. Whether applying an arbor for garden climbers and vines to grow around, or utilizing rustic Garden Arbors as an accent or entryway to a planting area, garden arches and arbors will grab your eye while enhancing outdoor spaces.

Each of the Garden Arbors featured online at Hooks & Lattice is a quality arbor for garden or other outdoor applications. Available in various styles, arbors found in the above category are all finished with a rich, charcoal brown powder coated finish. Both the materials and paint finish utilized for these Garden Arbors contribute to superior outdoor performance in a range of climates.

For the feel of rustic Garden Arbors, the Large Garden Arbor, Finial Arbor and Archway Arbor Entrance are all excellent options. Each is reminiscent of an iron arbor one might find in an old Victorian or English garden, transporting wanderers from a section of neatly trimmed hedges to a radiantly colored flowerbed. For a more contemporary take on this classically loved garden accent, the Urban Arbor features more modern lines in addition to a planter at each base. Whether seeking a rustic or more contemporary look, garden arches and arbors have a charming way of finding relevance amongst any architectural or landscape aesthetic.

In addition to trellises, many gardeners find arbors create an alluring, functional home for climbing plants and vines. Aside from serving as a practical gripping surface for climbers, the contrast of greenery and floral colors against the charcoal brown finish creates a vivid piece of living art. Romantic and elegant, garden arches and arbors are an interactive addition to landscapes for both plants and people. Whether viewing from afar or passing beneath their overhangs, arbors are gracefully whimsical.

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