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Arroyo Fiberglass Commercial Planter 18in.L x 18in.W x 24in.H

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18"L x18"W x24"H

Modern Large Fiberglass Planters

These chic large fiberglass planters from the Arroyo collection rely on clean lines to guide the eye upward from the ground and onto your arrangement of blooming plants within. No excess ornamentation, no outrageous shape, the Arroyo fiberglass planter showcases modern elegance in all of its glory. These square commercial fiberglass pots are perfect for use outdoors since they are extremely durable. Imagine one or a half dozen of these classy square planters adorning your outdoor dining patio, courtyard, or façade. They can be customized with a variety of colors and finishes to match your existing outdoor décor.

Customizing your Arroyo Planter

The elegant simplicity of the Arroyo commercial planter makes it an easy fit with any type of architecture or décor. Though these planters are engineered for outdoor use, they can also be used indoors to invite green plant life to your space. This includes hotel atriums, shopping malls, and home foyers. This square planter has the simple accent of an incised band around the top. To make this fiberglass pot a part of your unique décor choose from dozens of colors. We offer four finish options that allow your planter to mimic natural materials like concrete, terracotta, and ceramic.

Resilient Commercial Fiberglass Pots

These weatherproof commercial fiberglass pots for plants are made to stand up to the elements in any sort of condition. Though they can be customized to imitate natural materials they will never give you the headache that stone or wooden planters would. You won't have to waste a second worrying about pesky insects damaging this planter's integrity. And you won't lose sleep wondering if this tough square planter will outlast the pouring rain or freezing cold. This high-quality fiberglass material won't rot, crack, or warp, no matter what. These large commercial planters are also safe to use in locations that see a high volume of foot traffic like airports, open-air malls, business courtyards, and hotel properties.

18"L x18"W x24"H
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