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54" Window Box Recipe for Mixed Bougainvillea - Lavender/Fuchsia

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Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Realistic Faux Flowers for Window Boxes

Bothering with live flowers for window boxes can be such a hassle especially when you aren't a seasoned gardener! This is especially true for container garden plantings in those second-story window boxes and other hard-to-reach places. Constant watering, fertilizing, and repotting can make you wonder if window boxes were such a great idea in the first place. But don't fret! We have the solution to your decorative gardening problems with this delightful window box recipe for mixed Bougainvillea. The showy vine features all the things you love about live, lush greenery- minus any of the headache. Get year round floral splendor with this attractive window box filler!

Maintenance-Free Fake Bougainvillea

The peacock of the floral world, Bougainvillea is a highly showy plant, featuring a profusion of eye-catching flowers when in season. Luckily for you our mixed Bougainvillea recipe is in season 365 days a year. Though live Bougainvillea is relatively easy to care for it can easily get out of hand if not constantly managed. Our faux window box vines will never outgrow their planter box, keeping that perfectly cascading look for many seasons to come. Unlike live flowers, you will never have to water or feed these vines. You also won't have to worry about them withering and dying back in the cold months. Bring a pop of lavender and fuchsia color to your façade in the middle of December.

UV-Protected Outdoor Foliage

Like all of our artificial plants at Hooks & Lattice we strive to bring you a product with the highest quality botanical realness. This means that these faux flowers are crafted from top grade materials that are both realistic in texture and color and are incredibly durable for outdoor use as well. This flower box arrangement is UV-protected so that it will not fade in direct sunlight. Each set includes: four 36" hanging Bougainvillea vines, four 19" gardenias, and three 23" bayberry shrubs.

Each Bougainvillea Vine is 36"H x 16"W
Each Gardenia Bush is 19"H x 10"W
Each Barberry Shrub is 23"H x 8"W

Window Box

Bougainvillea Vine 36"

Gardenia 19"

Barberry Shrub 23"

Size Quantity Quantity Quantity
24" 2 2 1
30" 2 2 1
36" 3 3 2
42" 3 4 2
48" 3 4 2
54" 4 4 3
60" 5 5 4
72" 5 5 4