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Artificial Azalea Bushes - Outdoor

Outdoor rated artificial azaleas make superb artificial outdoor flowers for window boxes, pots, planters and hanging baskets. Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes and Trees by Artificial Plants Unlimited look like authentic potted outdoor flowers at any distance. Apply artificial azaleas in up close and personal areas of your landscape, or use these stunningly lifelike artificial outdoor flowers in hard to reach places where watering is difficult.

Our Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes are found lining second story windows, in front porch planters and along deck railings. Artificial azaleas are also in use as faux flowers and vines in malls, hotels, casinos, water parks and practically any other commercial center you can think of. For artificial outdoor flowers with a brilliant appeal and authentic construction, artificial azaleas from Artificial Plants Unlimited are a smart, high-value purchase.

All artificial azaleas are sold and ship un-potted unless otherwise noted. For questions pertaining to your project, please call toll free: 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.

18in. Red Azalea Bush, Outdoor Artificial
18in. Cream Azalea Bush, Outdoor Artificial
18in. Pink Azalea Bush, Outdoor Artificial
14in. Tall Pink/Beauty Azalea Bush
14in. Tall White Azalea Bush
14in. Tall Pink Azalea Bush
18in. Flowerless Azalea Bush, Outdoor Artificial
6'H x 2'W Azalea Trellis- Comes in Cream, Beauty, Pink, or Green
8'H x 64inW Azalea Espalier Tree - Outdoor Rated
24in. Large Azalea Topiary Ball
5' Outdoor Artificial Azalea Double Ball Topiary - Pink Beauty
3.5' Outdoor Artificial Azalea Ball Topiary - Pink Beauty
Azalea Swirl Topiary
Price: $536.85
16in. Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bush - Pink/Beauty
Artificial azaleas are modeled after one of gardening's favorite blooms to produce artificial outdoor flowers that truly embody the natural loveliness of this well-loved shrub. Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes by Artificial Plants Unlimited include the traditional shrub arrangement for potted outdoor flowers, or artificial azaleas in the form of a topiary, Espalier tree or pre-configured trellis display.

Each plant in this section features outdoor fake flowers modeled after live azaleas. In contrast to artificial plastic flowers one might find at a home goods or craft store, artificial azaleas in this online collection are each crafted with great attention to detail. Our artificial outdoor flowers are true to their live counterparts in terms of color, texture and arrangement, ensuring potted outdoor flowers and trees that convey a vibrant, lifelike personality.

As outdoor rated products, our artificial azaleas are designed for exterior applications where outdoor fake flowers need to hold up in weather conditions. In fact, our artificial outdoor flowers in azalea varieties are each injected with special UV inhibitors that go into the polyblend plant material. This makes for artificial azaleas that resist fading in the sun and hold their color better over time.

Some of our Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes also come with an IFR designation, which stands for Inherently Fire Retardant. This means if plants catch fire, a special flame retardant chemical built into the plant body will allow artificial azaleas to self extinguish. Artificial plastic flowers found in stores are typically NFR, or Non Fire Retardant and require after market sprays for flame protection. Artificial Plants Unlimited offers various artificial outdoor flowers and plants with both NFR and IFR designations.

Many of our customers find the realism of our outdoor fake flowers to be an easy pairing with other potted outdoor flowers and plants. Artificial azaleas are no exception. Combine striking Outdoor Artificial Azaleas Bushes in and amongst window boxes with other live plants or incorporate them into your deck railing planters with other fresh or faux blooms. The beauty of artificial outdoor flowers is that they hold up and hold their own in the presence of other garden favorites - live or faux.

Note that artificial azaleas are priced and ship un-potted unless noted otherwise in the product description. To discuss the Outdoor Artificial Azalea Bushes seen online or other artificial outdoor flowers for your unique project, please call Artificial Plants Unlimited toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.