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Artificial Ball Topiaries - Indoor

Faux topiary plants are a well-loved garden art form. Sophisticated and timeless, an artificial ball topiary may look high maintenance, but these indoor topiaries actually free designers and home decorators from the rigors of growing and live plant care.

Brought to you by Artificial Plants Unlimited, the Artificial Ball Topiaries selection features faux topiary plants in single, double or triple ball formations. These indoor topiaries are modeled after boxwood and bay leaf, with each artificial ball topiary appearing life-like and vibrant. In fact, faux topiary plants are so stunning that contemporary commercial design has adopted them as a favorite. Artificial ball topiaries can be found in some of the grandest hotels, casinos and restaurants, in addition to chic private residences.

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Wild Grass Ball in Tall Ceramic Planter, 17 in.
Single Ball Preserved Boxwood Topiary in Round Ceramic Planter, 18 in.
4' Boxwood Ball Topiary - Indoor
6.5' Tall Boxwood Ball Topiary - Indoor
4.5' Bay Leaf Ball Topiary - Indoor
5.5' Bay Leaf Topiary Ball - Indoor
Preserved Pom Pom Tree
8' Preserved Grass Pom Pom Tree
9' Preserved Grass Pom Pom Tree
84in. Indoor Boxwood Topiary - Three Tiers
7' Boxwood Topiary in Tall Round Resin Planter
5.5' Triple Ball Italian Cypress In Tin Pot
Double Ball Zen Grass Topiary 5'

Based on time-honored horticultural art, the faux topiary plants presented here include single ball topiary, double ball topiary and even trip ball topiary designs. An artificial ball topiary draws on the intricacy of live indoor topiaries, but without all the hassle of growing, pruning and watering. In fact, artificial ball topiaries for inside applications are a way for anyone to enjoy the timeless charm of topiary art, whatever the setting.

Each of our faux topiary plants in the Artificial Ball Topiaries - Indoor category exudes an air of refinement. In the live plant realm, indoor topiaries present an immense challenge for a grower, which surely dissuades even some of the most experienced gardeners from making attempts. However, the single ball topiary and double ball topiary are also highly recognizable silhouettes that have an unparalleled classiness. From this dilemma, the artificial ball topiary is born. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, with smart faux alternatives we make it possible for anyone to enjoy these plants as a part of their interior design.

Particularly popular in high-end commercial spaces, artificial ball topiaries for inside placement are currently in use among some of the nation's top luxury establishments including hotels, resorts, casinos and gourmet restaurants. Next time you book a weekend getaway, you may notice a single ball topiary in your guest room or even a resort pool deck adorned with double ball topiary arrangements.

At home, artificial ball topiaries in one of our boxwood or bay leaf styles make an impact in foyers, flanking dining room edges, or in a guest bedroom. Indoor topiaries in these faux designs look regal and ensure your decor feels thoughtful and lively. In addition, triple, double and single ball topiary styles translate well within a range of design aesthetics. Although rooted in traditional garden practices, indoor topiaries find a surprising relevance in contemporary homes due to their clean silhouette and simple, yet refreshing coloration.

All faux topiary plants in this Artificial Ball Topiaries - Indoor online category are sold and ship un-potted. If you require a planter for your indoor topiaries, one of our friendly project managers is available to discuss your needs and offer their professional recommendation. A range of planters is available for separate purchase, and suggestions can be found in a drop-down menu when you click on a specific artificial ball topiary product.

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