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Indoor Artificial Bamboo In Modern Planter

Fake bamboo is a great way to introduce a bit of green into your house, without the maintenance or hassle of remembering to water! Paired with our popular and stylish modern planter, these artificial bamboo plants are an exquisite addition to any design. Privacy screens are adept at creating separation in a dual-purpose room or hiding unsightly radiators or vents.

Our modern planter is sleek and minimalist in appearance but available in 25+ colors so you can find the perfect fit for your home décor. Artificial plants used to look fake but our indoor and outdoor artificial bamboo is almost indistinguishable from the real plant and won't ever outgrow its container like real bamboo.

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4'L Bamboo Indoor Artificial Grove in Modern Planter
6'L Bamboo Indoor Artificial Grove in Modern Planter
8'L Bamboo Indoor Artificial Grove in Modern Planter
Bamboo Screen in Rectangle Planter, 8'
Black Bamboo Screen, 7.5'
7' Black Bamboo Screen in Rectangle Planter
48in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Indoor
72in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Indoor
96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Indoor

No Maintenance Indoor Planters

Artificial plants are so easy to maintain because they don't require maintenance! Bamboo is a type of grass that is both fast growing and hardy, so that beautifully arranged bamboo planter that complimented your decor will quickly turn into an overgrown jungle of thick bamboo poles. Because you never need to water artificial plants you can take that impromptu vacation without worrying about how your plants will fare while you're away.

Office Improvement

Introducing planters to a dreary workplace is a quick and easy way to increase productivity and leads to happier employees. Office buildings aren't known for their bright cheery appearances; they're normally gray, boring and bleak. Adding artificial bamboo plants is an exceptional way to bring the outside in and provide some color to your office without the fear of coming back to work on Monday to find your new plants died over the weekend. Bamboo screens provide excellent separation and privacy but most importantly, aren't more cubicle walls!

Feel at Ease at Home

Fake bamboo screens are fantastic for providing privacy from the neighbors without completely blocking your view. Letting natural light flood your house is tremendous but sometimes leaving your blinds open isn't the greatest idea (or even an option). Rather than using the typical ugly mini blinds, awful vertical blinds or drab curtains; a bamboo screen provides natural looking protection from potential onlookers and neighbors while still allowing natural light to stream into your room. For open floor plans or studio apartments room dividers are indispensable for turning a giant room into a useable living space, and our artificial bamboo plants fit that bill attractively.

Cut Down Energy Costs

Filtering the sunlight entering your house is a simple way to cut down on air conditioning cost and protect your furniture and valuables from baking in the bright sunlight day after day. Our artificial bamboo plants can block the noonday sun without wilting and frying like real plants, so you can utilize our bamboo anywhere and rest assured knowing it'll continue to look its best for years to come. For questions or custom orders please contact us toll-free at 888-320-0626.