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Arborvitae Outdoor Artificial Living Walls

Arborvitae Artificial Green Walls provide a look of thick dark green foliage so realistic, it nearly has the fragrance of the cypress variety it's named for. Sporting a dense coat of lush cover, each UV protected faux Arborvitae wall generates untold outdoor privacy ideas: to cover unsightly walls or create privacy screens that completely block any viewing.

Besides the fake green wall beauty, but unlike an actual living wall, there is no maintenance required. No watering required. No bugs or decay smell that live growth entails either. With artificial plant walls, Arborvitae can serve as wall art providing a decorative accent that covers a plain concrete area on the outside of a building, say.

Outdoor artificial plant walls can also be used to hide unsightly equipment like power panels. Perfect for many applications, commercial and residential clients alike can enjoy these fake green walls in hotel and restaurant settings, in casinos or pedestrian malls, and much more. In short, artificial plant walls provide the look of outdoors without the hassle.

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Arborvitae Outdoor Artificial Living Wall 48in.L x 48in.H
Arborvitae Outdoor Artificial Living Wall 72in.L x 48in.H
Arborvitae Outdoor Artificial Living Wall 96in.L x 72in.H

Eco-Friendly Artificial Green Walls

Save on water and staff maintenance time and expense when you use outdoor artificial green walls made with lush arborvitae material. Constructed with a durable poly-blend medium, commercial and residential clients alike are flocking to this latest living wall design. Why? It is perfect for all manner of wall art, privacy screens or to create a simple yet unique decorative accent. These artificial plant walls make a great addition to any scene by breaking up bleak exterior fences and walls or even by bringing the outdoors inside. And with their eco-friendly allure, there's no watering required, no bugs to contend with, and no staff needed to prune or trim back growth when it occurs.

Outdoor Privacy Ideas for Commercial Settings

With arborvitae fake green walls, there are infinite applications in commercial settings. Some of the most captivating natural fences and outdoor privacy ideas include using panels attached to our rugged iron grids. These are then applied with industrial fasteners to create a lush but effective visual barrier, stopping peekaboos around pool or spas of a hotel or residence. Artificial green walls made from this coniferous tree variety also can add a splash of color on concrete block walls, suitable for the sides of buildings or to hide unsightly mechanical equipment. Municipalities and shopping mall architects love the dark green color and dense coverage this fake green wall fabric provides. Available for flush mount or as a one inch standoff, they offer complete coverage against buildings or on free-standing powder coated cages.

UV Protection Ensuring Arborvitae Stays Green

In addition to the tough poly-blend material this cypress variety is made from, we also add UV protection to keep it green. This ensures a long-lasting color for all of our artificial plant walls and arborvitae is no exception. And not only is the color treated so it lasts indefinitely, the material itself provides season after season of use, looking as realistic as the first day the panels were installed. All arborvitae panels are custom manufactured locally to the exact size you require. Ideal for restaurants, retail outlets with an eco-friendly theme, bars and nightclubs and much more, arborvitae artificial green walls provide beauty for the ages. To discuss your next project, please call us today at 888-320-0626.