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Artificial Flower Walls

Create gorgeous backdrops and event décor with artificial flower walls. Woven onto a powder coated iron grid, lifelike silk flowers and foliage put on a beautiful show. Great for use as:

  • A floral photo booth
  • Wedding flower walls
  • Special event decorations
  • Permanent wall décor

Each of the fake flowers featured are made of high quality faux materials for lifelike results. Display at weddings, graduations, galas and company parties as a freestanding element, or combine with other floral décor to match an event theme. Artificial flower walls can also be customized to match any color scheme or design, with a choice of fake flowers replicating all your favorites - from peonies to daisies. Besides special occasions, arrangements also shine as permanent design accents inside restaurants, salons, retail spaces and hotels.

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Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 48in.L x 24in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 48in.L x 36in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 48in.L x 48in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 72in.L x 36in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 72in.L x 48in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 72in.L x 60in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 96in.L x 48in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 96in.L x 60in.H
Flower Wall Indoor Artificial, 96in.L x 72in.H

Tap into the beauty and convenience of silk flowers for your next design project. Our artificial flower walls are lush, lifelike and lasting. Use them once for a custom floral photo booth, or keep as permanent wall décor for boutiques, salons and retails spaces. Vibrant botanicals never go out of style and with quality fake flowers, arrangements look lively for years to come.

Silk Flowers For Any Occasion

Whether designing around a once in a lifetime event or for everyday exquisiteness, artificial flower walls answer the call. Each of our fake flowers is manufactured to the utmost botanical correctness, radiant with vivid color and shape. And arrangements can be custom made to match any purpose - from wedding flower walls to permanent interior design fixtures.

Event companies, vendors and wedding planners also find floral hangings are an asset to keep on hand. Rent to clients and instantly create the perfect backdrop for all types of special event snapshots - weddings, graduations, anniversary parties, business functions, and so much more.

An Investment in Gorgeous Décor

Each floral wall is assembled to last, beginning with a grid of rust resistant, black powder coated iron. This acts as the framework for weaving silk flowers and foliage, as well as the mounting surface for hanging.

As for foliage and blooms, Artificial Plants Unlimited takes care to utilize the highest quality faux plants. Our floral wall arrangements are designed for lasting, commercial-grade interior displays. Great for all types of applications, from restaurant décor to professional photography backdrops.

Commissioning Custom Faux Floral Walls

Looking to create a one of a kind design matched to your specifications? We'd love to collaborate on your project! Artificial Plants Unlimited works with professional designers, event planners, corporate clients, and more to create one of a kind silk flower solutions. Call toll free to consult with a member of our design team on flower choice, layout and size for custom artificial flower walls.