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Bring lively blooms to your exterior in a low-maintenance fashion with the addition of outdoor artificial flowers from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Adding color and life to your landscaping plans is an obvious win for curb appeal and doing so with artificial flowers eliminates the demands of live plant care. Particularly useful in hard to reach areas like upper level window boxes or lofty hanging plants, outdoor artificial flowers are a practical way to get that lively look without breaking your back to water.

As outdoor rated products, all of our artificial flowering plants are impregnated with UV protective materials during assemblage. Their climate-centric design makes this collection of artificial flowers durable in an array of elemental weather, from relentless desert sun to unexpected late-spring bouts of frost. Choose from popular varieties like faux azaleas, geraniums and gardenias, or for a more exotic topography the Guzmania bromeliad is a welcome departure from the norm. Whatever your landscape goals, the addition of outdoor artificial flowers can add that hassle free hint of color and life you've been searching for.

Outdoor rated artificial flowering plants are sold and shipped as individual, un-potted units.

Artificial Geraniums - Outdoor Rated
Artificial Azalea Bushes - Outdoor
Artificial Gardenia Flowers-Outdoor
Artificial Hibiscus Bush - Outdoor
Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad - Outdoor Rated
18in. Poinsettia - Outdoor
Artificial Aster Bushes - Outdoor Rated
15in. Artificial Cyclamen Bush, Outdoor Rated
22in. Freesia Bush, Red- Outdoor Rated
22in.Freesia Bush, Yellow- Outdoor Rated

Nothing brightens up a commercial or residential exterior quite like the addition of flowering plants. Adding pockets of green life and color is a sure-fire way to boost curb appeal and have people taking a second, and even third look at your property. To achieve a stunning lively look without the demands of live planting, Artificial Plants Unlimited offers this collection of outdoor artificial flowering plants. Join the throngs of customers - like home gardeners, restaurateurs and commercial designers - who have already discovered the convenience of adding outdoor artificial flowers to their landscaping plans at home and in places of business.

Constructed of the finest outdoor rated materials, each of our artificial flowering plants are designed to stand up to the challenges of elemental weather, from the stems right down to each artificial flower petal. These faux plants come with a built in UV protection system whereby fade-resistant agents are impregnated into the artificial plant materials during assemblage. While some fading in direct sunlight is inevitable, this system is designed to dramatically slow down changes in pigmentation and extend the life of outdoor artificial flowers considerably.

Artificial Plants Unlimited offers artificial flowering plants in popular varieties including geranium, azalea and gardenia bushes. Add the dramatic contrast of stark white blooms on dark green leaves with a lovely faux gardenia, ideally placed in a second story window box to eliminate hard to reach watering. For a more exotic look, try out one of our Guzmania bromeliads in brilliant hues like fuchsia, orange and red. These tropical-inspired artificial flowers look lovely potted individually or as an insert to larger planter arrangements. Whatever the placement, our faux bromeliads evoke that beach feeling with intense hues of inflorescence. Each of our artificial flowering plants is offered in a range of sizes with varying leaf, bloom and bud counts. Browse the collection by clicking on product icons individually.

Artificial Plants Unlimited sells and ships all of our outdoor artificial flowering plants un-potted and by the individual unit. If you're looking for a planter style to compliment artificial flower purchases, one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives can assist in choosing from our comprehensive collection of pots, hanging baskets and window boxes. Add the beautiful convenience of artificial blooms to your design plans today!