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Indoor Artificial Grass Mats

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of colorful grass to brighten your interiors. Fake grass mats, available in a wide range of types, offer a wonderful opportunity to bring nature inside your home and provide maintenance-free beauty for years to come. These artificial grass squares are also perfect for decorating a storefront window display or used as part of an arts and crafts project.

Shop shorter varieties for a low profile look, or get lush with longer blades like our Mexican and Wild grasses. Artificial grass mats are also available in a variety of shades of green and the various textures offer a wide range of uses. Deep and bright greens, as well as natural browns are available online.

Perfect for use as indoor plants around the home and office, this collection of commercial artificial plants can be assembled modularly into wall panels and textured coverings.

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6in.H Mexican Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor
2in.H Oriental Long Grass Mat 10in. - Indoor
8in.H Tall Wild Grass Mat 10in. Tutone Green - Indoor
2in.H Grass Mat 20in. - Indoor
14in.H Tall Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor
8in.H Wild Grass Mat 10in. Light Green - Indoor
8in.H Tall Wild- Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor
4.5in. H Wheat Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor
20in. x 12in. Sea Grass Mat - Indoor
6in. H Mexican Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor

Durable Fake Grass Mats

The basic building blocks of faux green walls and ornamental grass hedges, indoor grass mats look as real as live. Yet, there's no watering, trimming, debris pick-up, or pruning once a faux green wall has been constructed and is in place. Our foliage tiles come in various sizes and heights, allowing for a lush, sculpted look, from 2 to 14 inches - a designers dream. In addition, we carry numerous varieties including: Mexican grass, Oriental long grass, Tall Wild grass, a subdued artificial sea grass mat, and numerous other fake grass squares to choose from. So regardless of what you are looking for, whether tall, short, or somewhere in between, our selection is exactly what you are looking for. Artificial grass mats are perfect for adding life to any indoor area. And as mentioned above, commercial artificial plants do not require constant attention. Easy to install, artificial grass squares simply need to be placed and clicked with their interlocking system. So if you weren't born with a green thumb, then artificial plants may be your answer!

Fake Plants Have Come of Age

Made with duarble plastic material, these decorative indoor plants come in a several thicknesses, depending on variety. Some grass mats with longer grasses create a curved and sculpted appearance too. It's easy to mix grass varieties with others to create an undulating look. Most mats are available in a 10-inch square but a couple varieties cover a larger area. Assemble squares modularly to create a seamless sea of green. And the various emerald shades add natural realism to this faux display.

Custom Applications

If you are interested in custom applications for your home or business using faux indoor plants, we can manufacture the design of your dreams, combining whatever fake grasses you'd like in a horizontal or vertical faux wall or covering. Just give us a call today at 888-320-0626 to speak with one of our design specialists or to request a quote for a custom grass wall quote.