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Artificial Hibiscus Bush - Outdoor

Exotic hibiscus flowers are native to tropical locations, but don't let that stop you from enjoying their beauty anywhere. Get a colorful tropical splash with an artificial hibiscus bush. Whether you long for this look in cold northern climates, or you just want to avoid the hassle of live plants, an outdoor artificial hibiscus delivers. Save time and skip the worry - rely on these artificial hibiscus flowers to look fresh without any maintenance.

Some faux flowers lose their vibrancy as they quickly fade in the sun. That's not a concern with our outdoor artificial hibiscus plants. The leaves and blossoms are infused with a UV-resistant substance so they can stand up to the sun for years. Leave the artificial hibiscus flowers outside year-round and trust that they will stay strong in any weather.

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21in. Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Bush - Red
21in. Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Bush - Orange
19in. Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Bush - Green
3.5' Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Ball Topiary

The Beauty and Versatility of Outdoor Artificial Hibiscus Bushes

Outdoor Artificial hibiscus bush reflects the lushness of tropical climates while being maintenance free in the process. A great alternative to live hibiscus, artificial hibiscus flowers can be incorporated into a wide variety of settings. In fact, our residential and commercial clients are including faux flowers in all types of arrangements - from the front porch flower pot to second story window boxes that accent the front face of a resort town's bed and breakfast. Besides the realistic beauty of outdoor artificial plants, fake hibiscus flowers "thrive" in any kind environment and are easy on the budget. With each bush rated for outdoor use, their vibrant color lasts indefinitely even when exposed to sun and moisture. This makes faux hibiscus as functional for home as it is in commercial settings.

Hibiscus Choices for Multiple Decors

Available in 4 different colorful varieties and lengths, it's easy to create custom arrangements that will accommodate a wide range of projects. From the singular bundles or also available in bulk, combining faux flowers as they might appear in nature has never been easier. We carry red and orange fake hibiscus flowers that can easily be combined with straight green hibiscus bush material. After arranging window boxes or filling ground level planters, add a lovely outdoor artificial hibiscus ball topiary to create a balanced theme. UV-rated, these durable poly-blend faux flowers and leaves stay vibrant season after season, preserving their color

So Many Faux Flowers, So Little Time

As mentioned above, outdoor artificial hibiscus bushes can be purchased in singular bundles or in bulk. They make the perfect integrative faux flower with a variety of vines and even artificial grasses. Our standard 21 inch length with corresponding 4 1/2 inch stem holding 8 flowers is perfect to fold into other fake flowers on our site. Arrange with faux boxwood, English ivy, Azalea, and geraniums for a truly lush tropical presentation. Hibiscus is ideal when used in retail displays, storefront planters and window boxes, as well as ground level landscaping. Creating a stunning faux flower and bush arrangement with artificial hibiscus bush material is also an eco-friendly solution to live plants. Save water in drought prone areas. Preserve the environment at the same time you save money on precious resources and staff costs combined.