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8' Areca Palm Tree - Green|Indoor

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The Ever-Popular Butterfly Palm Tree

For decades the Areca Palm tree, also known as the Butterfly Palm, Yellow Palm and Golden Cane, has been a favorite indoor plant among homeowners and business owners alike. In fact, these attractive bushy palms are so popular for interior décor that they are actually grown indoors more than outdoors today. Closely arranged, the numerous fronds covered in dense, narrow leaves characterize this well-loved palm tree and give it a texture and size that makes it so in-demand. Though not incredibly hard to grow indoors, live Butterfly Palm trees do require some level of gardening expertise. That's why our artificial Areca palm trees are a hands-down decorative solution for the everyday designer.

Artificial Areca Palm Trees for Indoors

Because of its full and showy nature, the lush green Areca palm makes a stunning focal point in your interior décor. Measuring a sizable eight-feet tall it is sure to make an impression in a room. With floor to ceiling splendor it draws the eyes upward like no other decorative element can, especially when you place it in an attractive planter (tree ships unpotted). These palm trees emanate a sense of tropical elegance, making viewers feel more calm and uplifted when they enter your space. Our artificial Areca palm trees are often used in office settings since the addition of green plants- alive or fake- has been known to boost productivity and worker morale.

The Advantages of Artificial Indoor Plants

As an obvious benefit over live plants, artificial trees and flowers have a refreshing "set it and forget it" quality to them. Especially for those who don't have much experience with gardening or houseplants, artificial indoor palms are a worry-free alternative to the real thing. And since real Areca palm trees can have quite a demanding temperament, these artificial trees are a sure way to guarantee a long-lasting decorative element. Our artificial Butterfly Palms don't care about humidity, watering, feeding, or light.