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4.5' Bird Of Paradise - Orange|Indoor

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This unique tropical faux plant brings an exotic mood to your interior décor. Originating in South Africa, the ornamental Bird of Paradise plant has been a favorite of gardeners and flower aficionados since the eighteenth century. Though the live version can be slow growing and tricky to cultivate even in a greenhouse environment, you can enjoy its beauty without any care or hassle thanks to our indoor artificial plants. Made from high quality fabric material, this Bird of Paradise will live on for years without watering, fertilizing, repotting, or pest control. You'll never have to worry about pruning dead leaves or messy water spills damaging your floor. Our Bird of Paradise is guaranteed to stay as flawless as your décor.

Measuring nearly five feet tall, this ostentatious tropical gem is sure to draw attention in your décor. Elegant, long-stemmed leaves spray forth in multiple shades of green, giving the impression of absolute realism and natural growth. Each plant is accented with vibrant orange and blue flowers, delicately perched atop long stalks. The Bird of Paradise plant gets its name from these flowers that emerge from a beak-like sheath to look just like a bird's head and neck. These plants are so realistic they might just entice passing sunbirds to sit and drink.

Add a burst of natural color to your scenery with this unique artificial plant. Potted plants are a tasteful and low cost way to add an individual touch to your interior décor, and because these Bird of Paradise plants are fake they are also maintenance free. With its long slender stems, this plant adds vertical interest to your décor. For an even bigger impact, combine the Bird of Paradise with other tropical plants in varying sizes to create your own indoor jungle. All you need to add is your favorite pot.