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35in. PVC Onion Grass - Green|Indoor

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Versatile Indoor Ornamental Grasses

Add new levels to your interior décor and give the space a refreshing touch of natural greenery with this PVC artificial Onion Grass plant. For homes, commercial shops, and office buildings, nothing brightens up the décor like fresh greenery. Displaying multiple fronds of bright green, this fake Onion Grass is an extremely versatile plant. Its vertical nature makes it a shoe-in for pairing with taller artificial plants like palm trees. It also can add an upward element to multi-level planted displays when combined with filler and cascading plants. The sky's the limit with these wonderfully adaptable indoor ornamental grasses.

Incredibly Realistic Artificial Onion Grass

All of the horticultural varieties- and there are truly a lot of them!- that you will find for sale in our online Artificial Plants Unlimited collection are made to be both durable and stunningly lifelike. We use high quality commercial-grade materials that are engineered to last for many years, even in heavy foot traffic situations. With years of experience, skilled artisans handcraft each individual plant to exactly replicate one of nature's fines. With this PVC Onion Grass you can see the lifelike quality. Dozens of narrow blades in varying lengths reach up for the sky, displaying variegated green coloring that turns to a yellow-brown at the tips to simulate real living, growing grass.

Adding Vertical Appeal to Décor

We offer a number of attractive decorative planters at Planters Unlimited online, ensuring that you will find the right home for this artificial Onion Grass, one that will fit in perfectly with your interior design. These tall indoor ornamental grasses add an interesting vertical aesthetic to your space and can be used as stand-alone focal points. For example, display this Onion Grass in decorative urns to flank an entryway or hallway. Not too showy in nature, it lends an elegant upscale look not only to homes, but to offices, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques.