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Artificial Ivy | Fake Ivy | Artificial Outdoor Vines

Hooks and Lattice has an array of artificial vines, artificial ivy or fake ivy, that are reproduced using the utmost quality commercial grade polyethylene blend material, coupled with a patented UV protection. Using artificial vines, artificial ivy or fake ivy is a simple way to add greenery to your window planters and garden containers. Ask any designer, and they will tell you that adding green plants and foliage as accents add interest and texture to your home exterior.

Artificial vines, artificial ivy or fake ivy plants are especially useful when you have window planters or containers in hard to reach areas, or in those stubborn spots where nothing will grow. Totally maintenance free, artificial ivy, or fake ivy and artificial vines will never need to be watered, trimmed, or pruned, and insects and other pests will not alter their appearance.

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30in. Artificial English Ivy Outdoor Rated
3' Artificial Outdoor English Ivy with 9 Vines
33in. Artificial Asparagus Fern - Outdoor Rated
20in. Outdoor Artificial Sprengeri Fern
72in. Artificial Outdoor Ivy Garland
8.5in. Artificial English Ivy Hanging Vine, Outdoor Rated
10.5in. Variegated Holland Ivy Hanging Vine, Outdoor Rated
30in. Outdoor Artificial Ruffle Fern
5 ft Artificial Hanging Asparagus Bush - Outdoor Rated
3' Artificial Sprengeri - Outdoor Rated
20in. Artificial Buckler Fern Outdoor Rated

Artificial Hanging Vines and English Ivy

Artificial Hanging Vines, whether as English Ivy, Asparagus Ferns, or any of our other exterior faux plant varieties available, provides lots of attractive greenery without the hassle and expense of upkeep. And in any season too! We have many options to choose from, all of which are inherently UV-protected. Manufactured as commercial grade Polyblend material, each one maintains its vibrancy as vivid as the first day your outdoor artificial faux vines or ivy plants were added your containers. Plus, artificial ivy adds texture where none existed, giving a lovely underpinning for whatever blooms or blossoms you plant alongside it. What's more, our artificial hanging vines are so life-like they can even be used as a stand-alone planting.

Artificial Vine Varieties

When selecting artificial vines for areas in which it is difficult to grow plants, we offer many different varieties, varieties that might naturally grow in your climate. Plus, some varieties we sell have several lengths or cluster densities.

Examples Include:
  • Outdoor-rated English Ivy in numerous configurations
  • Outdoor-rated Asparagus Fern
  • Outdoor Hanging Asparagus Bush
  • Outdoor Sprengeri Fern in several lengths
  • Outdoor-rated Buckler Fern
  • Outdoor-rated Philo Vine
  • Outdoor-rated variegated Holy and Ivy Outdoor Ruffle Fern.
  • Use any of the lovely green artificial vines and ivy to add loads of green color to your window box or outdoor planters.

Save on Water and Maintenance with Artificial Foliage

In addition to adding lots of texture and color to your home's exterior decor, artificial ivy and vines are easy on the budget. Not only do these enduring polyethylene blended plants last season after season without losing their color, you eliminate watering costs and trimming and pruning expense that their live counterparts incur. In addition, they serve as natural pest deterrents as well, even when joined with live plants in your window box or planter. The benefits of artificial ivy and outdoor vines save your home or business budget while maintaining their lush look for boosted curb appeal.

If your design plans call for sizes or densities not listed in our standard inventory, call today and speak with a design specialist about customization options.