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Enjoy vibrant vertical wall coverings in an instant with silk plant panels. Literally ready to roll on arrival, artificial green walls in mat form are a flexible accent for any interior. Whether in the urban office of a boutique marketing firm, or the dining room of a private estate, lifelike faux plant panels are sure to make a lively impression.

Silk plant panels sold by the roll are great for permanent and temporary applications alike. Simply unwind artificial green walls for an easy mount, and roll them right back up if storage is required. For event centers, hotels and restaurants, faux plant panels are a delight to have on hand. Use greenery for special events like corporate dinners and charity auctions, creating a vibrant, textural backdrop to be easily rolled up and stored after the festivities conclude.

Choose vertical wall coverings from a range of styles like gorgeous ivy, sophisticated boxwood and charming artificial azalea. Panels are sold in 10" and 12" widths, each in different lengths for small and large projects alike.

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Establishing eco-friendly interior decor is easy with Artificial Green Walls. This premier alternative to live planting gives designers the same visual benefit without the hassles of installation, maintenance and environmental limitations. With silk plant panels, enjoy flourishing flora like azalea flowers and textural podocarpus in any setting.

Vertical wall coverings are a vital piece of interior design, transforming flat and unremarkable surfaces into notable, dimensional displays. When it comes to "green" and eco-friendly design goals, incorporating living walls is as popular as ever. The challenge is creating the right conditions in which panels of azalea, ivy and boxwood can thrive. Easier said than done indoors-

At the intersection of aesthetic and practical design goals is where designers find artificial green walls. Lifelike replicas of plants like azalea, ivy and Baby's Breath take on the same visual vibrancy, but do so without the rigors of installing and maintaining an indoor green wall. For residential and commercial projects alike, artificial plant panels are an exciting opportunity to adopt fresh, contemporary wall coverings that mesh with functional and budgetary needs.

The silk plant panels featured in this category enjoy a host of attractive features, not least of which are realism and versatility. Quality faux plant materials replicate the unmistakable texture of podocarpus, the whimsy of Baby's Breath and the brilliance of azaleas, all in a reliable, easy to use format. Effortlessly roll artificial green walls out for display and, for temporary applications, roll up just as easily to store.

Most artificial ivy, boxwood, podocarpus, Gypso flowering grass and azalea panels come in a choice of 10" or 12" widths. Rolls are sold in varying lengths. Create large-scale vertical wall coverings or a simple panel of greenery to go behind a reception desk, retail display or above a mantle. And for custom artificial green wall projects, please call to work with a knowledgeable member of our project management team.