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Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines

Silken to the touch, Artificial Plants Unlimited brings you outdoor artificial flowers that withstand exposure year-round. Our artificial morning glories are UV-protected to keep them looking fresh for years to come. Commercial-quality, these flowering vines have a somewhat flexible wire frame, allowing you to adjust your arrangements after placement.

Create maintenance-free plantings and displays with colorful, always beautiful morning glory flowers. Add a pop of color to your balcony baskets or place in window box planters for picture perfect curb appeal. Ideal for use as office and commercial landscaping, these outdoor artificial flowers are top quality and easily integrate into existing décor.

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26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Red
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Yellow
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Pink
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Purple
26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Cream

Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines

Realistic Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines add a pop of color even when placed with live plants. So real you can't tell the difference, add them to live flowering vines or make an arrangement with 100 percent artificial flowers. Available in five beautiful colors, our morning glories possess all the vibrancy you expect without the upkeep. In fact, they provide more color than their live counterparts. They'll never fade as they are UV-protected which allows them to maintain the same hue and tint as the first day you arranged them. Add to window boxes, outdoor planters and baskets, even place in sconces along halls or walkways for a soft look in hallways or restrooms. Morning glory flowers also make great additions to hanging baskets and never require watering. Perfect along city streets, in parks, and from light pole baskets down main street.

Commercial Morning Glory Arrangements

There are numerous benefits to incorporating artificial morning glory vines in your commercial space. First and foremost, they increase curb appeal. Second, they save money on staff time as they're essentially maintenance free once they've been arranged. They're also easy on the budget in the water department as they eliminate that expense altogether. The only upkeep is occasional rinsing off if dust accumulates. Simply mist off or use a light hose spray for outside plantings. They are easy to arrange too since they are manufactured with a flexible branch stem, allowing you to position them however you wish. Easily place vines in baskets, planters or vases. You also can use them to wrap around unsightly poles, just like real vines that climb naturally.

Location, Location, Location for Faux Flowers

Since many commercial enterprises seek to cut back on budgets, as well as save the environment and go green with faux flowers, business uses can be extensive. Create arrangements for hotel foyers, as large floral displays for entryways, incorporate into green walls for a lush green background with just a hint of color that the morning glory vines convey. Some businesses even add them to living wall logo presentations for a burst of color on exterior walls. Our outdoor artificial morning glory vines are available in 26 inch increments but can be custom manufactured to meet your design specifications. Or, buy a bundle to create the look you seek for your own display. For additional information about Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines, please contact a design specialist today about your next project.