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Artificial Obelisk Topiaries- Indoor

For stately style, obelisk topiaries made-to-order in custom sizes are an excellent design choice. Boxwood is a traditional choice for an artificial topiary and this smooth foliage lends itself to the clean lines of this tall shape. Like all faux topiaries, they will stay fresh and green for years to come without ever needing to be watered or pruned, saving time and money by avoiding maintenance headaches.

Faux topiaries can be customized to your needs. Choose from a basic boxwood foliage, a UV-resistant version that can stand up to the sun's harsh rays, or fire-retardant material to ensure safety. The footprint and height of the obelisk topiary are up to you. A petite size would look appealing in the corner of a room, while a very tall artificial topiary makes a bold statement and draws the eye skyward. Alternate hedges and obelisks to create visual interest, or frame a doorway with two topiaries to invite people inside.

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24in.H x 12in. Base Artificial Topiary Obelisk
36in.H x 12in. Base Artificial Topiary Obelisk
48in.H x 12in. Base Artificial Topiary Obelisk
60in.H x 12in. Base Artificial Topiary Obelisk
72in.H x 12in. Base ArtificialTopiary Obelisk
96in.H x 12in. Base Artificial Topiary Obelisk
The obelisk topiary shape inspired Ancient Romans, and with Artificial Obelisk Topiaries from Artificial Plants Unlimited, interior designers and home decorators can enjoy a modernized piece of canonic design influence. In the horticultural art of topiary, obelisk silhouettes make a timelessly sophisticated impression.

Our Artificial Obelisk Topiaries - Indoor models are faux topiary forms inspired by the tradition of this age-old horticultural art form. Each tall, pyramid topiary shape conveys an authoritative presence which might explain the obelisk topiary shape's presence over thousands of years of design. To a regal topiary obelisk, nothing else compares.

While Roman emperors may have enjoyed live obelisk topiary plants in their garden, the convenience of faux indoor topiary trees is reserved for our modern day customers. Artificial Obelisk Topiaries - Indoor varieties are high quality, authentic looking faux topiary forms intended for striking applications in residential or commercial interior design. Each tall pyramid topiary is a no-maintenance product that never requires pruning, transplanting or watering. Also, with a clean silhouette, these topiary forms complement modern or traditional design aesthetics.

Live indoor topiary trees require meticulous gardening technique, but Artificial Obelisk Topiaries are an effortless addition to interior design plans. Each obelisk topiary pictured in this online category is formed in Boxwood, with the option to purchase a topiary obelisk in ivy or exotic grasses available over the phone. In addition to custom obelisk topiary foliage choices, Artificial Plants Unlimited can also create various sizes beyond those standard options listed above. One-on-one consultations and price quotes are available over the phone.

Standard topiary forms are available for order online, and custom topiary forms can be assessed with one of our professional representatives. Whether a shorter pyramid topiary or a more traditional, taller obelisk topiary suits your project, Artificial Plants Unlimited is eager to help fulfill your design vision.

All obelisk topiary forms seen online are priced and ship un-potted. Pots and planters for a topiary obelisk or other artificial indoor topiary trees are available for separate purchase. For questions on obelisk topiary products seen online or for one-on-one custom ordering, please call toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.