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Artificial Bushes & Artificial Shrubs - Outdoor

Take watering and pruning off of your landscaping to-do list with outdoor artificial bushes from Planters Unlimited. Guaranteed to add fresh greenery to your exterior year-round, our shrub bushes flawlessly imitate the real thing sans the watering can and garden gloves. All products in this category are constructed using durable outdoor rated materials designed to uphold their authentic look and feel in all climate types. No longer confined to its native temperate environment in its faux form, a cypress bush can "grow" anywhere.

Bringing evergreens into your design plans with faux bushes and shrubs will infuse enduring freshness into commercial-scapes and estate homes alike. Browse our online store to find woody varieties modeled after popular live shrubs like Boxwood, Ming Aralia, Mahonia, English Ivy and the aforementioned Cypress bush. All products in this category are sold un-potted.

For more information or to request matching planters, call: 888-320-0626 7am - 5pm PST, M-F

Custom Artificial Boxwood Bushes
12in. Artificial Boxwood Bush Outdoor Rated
16in. Artificial Boxwood Bush Outdoor Rated
24in. Cypress Bush, Outdoor
30in. Cypress Bush, Outdoor
36in. Cypress Bush, Outdoor
18in. Artificial English Ivy Bush
20in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Dark Boxwood
26in. Large Outdoor Rated Artificial Dark Boxwood
28in. Mahonia - Green
28in. Mahonia - Cream/Green
49in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Mahonia
50in. Outdoor Rated Ming Aralia Bush
37in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress
43in.-Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress
56in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Cypress
6' Outdoor Artificial Cypress Shrub
24in. Or 30in. Duraleaf Cypress Trimmed Sphere Bush, Outdoor
30in., 42in. Or 54in. Duraleaf Cypress Cone Topiary Tree, Outdoor
2' Outdoor Rated Artificial Polycaise
37in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Juniper
27in. Outdoor Rated Artificial Spreading Juniper
3' Outdoor Artificial Podocarpus
4' Outdoor Artificial Podocarpus Bush with Natural Trunk
5' Outdoor Artificial Podocarpus Bush
50in. Outdoor Artificial Mountain Laurel
37in. Outdoor Artificial Rhododendron
37in. Outdoor Artificial Taxus Yew
9' Outdoor Artificial Cypress
Outdoor Artificial Corn Plant w/ Stake
19in. Boxwood Bush with Large Leaves, Outdoor Rated
26in. Boxwood Bush with Large Leaves, Outdoor Rated
14in. Dusty Miller Bush (Eyreop Daisy Foliage) Outdoor Rated
18in. Eucalyptus Bush, Outdoor Rated
24in. Viburnum Bush - Outdoor Rated
29in. Viburnum Bush - Outdoor Rated
21in. Artificial Eucalyptus Bush - Outdoor Rated - Multi-color
21in. Artificial Eucalyptus Bush - Outdoor Rated - Tutone Green

Fade-resistant, Verdant Green Plants

Scrap the maintenance challenges of live planting with a truly evergreen alternative through this collection of fake bushes from Planters Unlimited. Products found in this category are all outdoor rated and feature built-in UV protection, making the need for purchasing additional topical sprays obsolete. On top of deflecting the sun's damaging rays, our plants are also inherently colorfast and resist fading in a range of different climates. Maintain a fresh appeal that draws the eye to positive traits of your property, rather than struggling with upkeep that, if neglected, could make your plant a drain on your flawless landscape.

Using Faux Foliage Cuts Costs & Boosts Appeal

These useful additions can cut down on maintenance costs and resource expenditure. Without the need for regular care and watering, these plants are a long-term investment in the beauty of your commercial-scape that will end up saving money in the long run.

It's no secret that greenery livens exteriors while boosting curb appeal - an ever important component of the impression people derive from your property. Our ivy and boxwood bushes are a green alternative to live planting with an authentic fresh feel that will have people taking a second, and third look as they pass. Add an accent that could mean the difference between people walking on by, or walking through your front door.

Explore Products Online

Browse our online store for different styles and sizes of lifelike outdoor bushes. By clicking on each product individually, you'll see more details about the size of the plant, styling traits and how/when it is shipped. For example, the ever-popular Cypress comes in three standard sizes, ranging from 37"H - 56"H. In live form, the traditional elegance of this plant is impossible in many regions due to its preference for temperate climates. This fake counterpart can serve as an accent to Tuscan-inspired gardens everywhere. Designers, architects and planners will also see fake bushes modeled after other popular live shrubs like Boxwood, Ming Aralia and Mahonia, suited to a range of different landscape styles.

Each product is sold individually and un-potted, but a customer service agent will be happy to assist you in choosing a planter or pot to match your choice. Custom shrubs are also available; call toll-free to request more information or pricing on matching planters: 1-888-320-0626